Hillbilly Hoedown

Hillbilly Hoedown

shared by Wendy K. of Utah
I thought I’d like to share an Adult Activity we held last night. It was held in the back yard of one of our committee members:

The Hillbilly Hoedown was a great success! Our decorations included a clothesline with long johns and flannel shirts hanging in the breeze, feed sacks, old tires, torches, and an aluminum can garland. We duct-taped newspapers to the tables to serve as tablecloths and centerpieces were quart jars holding a tea-light candle. Most everyone who came was
in overalls, flannels, tattered britches, patches, and straw hats. It was quite a sight. We threw our tin foil dinners on the coals and ate wedges of watermelon and our own brew of “moonshine” root beer. We made burlap feed sacks that were filled with chex mix, pretzels, and tortilla chips as appetizers. We ate from aluminum pie plates and drank from pint canning jars. For dessert we roasted marshmallows over the hot coals and made smores. We listened to old-time mountain music throughout the evening, played hillbilly horseshoes (with toilet seats), had a pig-calling contest and a pie-eating contest. We told a few back-hills jokes and we had some Beverly Hillbillies and Li’l Abner trivia questions for the crowd. Our Bishopric comprised a Hillbilly band who lip-synced a rousing rendition of Greasy, Grimy Gopher Guts with audience participation. Everyone had a grand time!
Here are the questions used in the trivia game.

Name five television series that revolved around the theme of rural living:
Beverly Hillbillies
Green Acres
Petticoat Junction
Mayberry R.F.D.
Hee Haw

Who is the patriarch of the hillbilly family that moved to Beverly Hills?

Jedidiah Jed Clampett

Jed strikes oil while hunting on his land in the Ozark Mountains near a hamlet by what name?


What is Granny’s relationship to Jed?


What is Granny’s name? – Daisy Moses*
What is the name of Jed’s daughter?*Elly May*
Who is Jed*s nephew?*Jethro Bodine*
What is the name of Jethro*s twin sister?*Jethrene*
Who lives next door to the Clampett family? *Milburn & Margaret Drysdale*
What is the relationship of Mr. Drysdale to the Clampetts?*Banker*
What kind of dog does Jethro own & what is his name?*A bloodhound named Duke*
Who is Pearl Bodine?*Jed*s cousin & Jethro*s mother*
What is the name of Mr. Drysdale*s secretary?**Miss* Jane Hathaway*
What is Miss Jane*s favorite pastime?*Seeking for Jethro*s attention*
Name Mr. Drysdale*s favorite comic book hero. *Superbanker*
Granny called herself an M.D. What did it stand for?*Mountain Doctor*
What did Elly May call her animals?*Critters*
How many years did it take Jethro to pass the 6th grade?*12*
Who was the Drysdale*s son?*Sonny*
Who can sing the Ballad of Jed Clampett?**
What did the Clampett*s call the swimming pool?*Cee-ment pond*
What did the family use as pot passers?*Pool cues*
What did they use as a fancy eatin* table?*Billiard table*
What did Jed mean when he said, *He was only greenin* ya!*?**He was only fooling you*
What was Jed*s characteristic expression of impressed astonishment?*We-e-e-ll doggies!*
What did Granny call pneumonia?*p-new-moe-nie*
What was considered a fancy leather lunch box?*A briefcase*
What did Granny make in her still & what did she call it?*She made moonshine & called it *roomatiz medicine**
What happened when Elly May*s cooking was fed to the plants?*They died. *
Name two of Elly May*s talents.*Rapport with animals & strength.*
What did *the six foot stomach* refer to?*Jethro*s appetite*

Name a comic strip that featured a clan of hillbillies*Li*l Abner*
Who was the star of the comic strip?*Li*l Abner Yokum*
Who was Abner*s girlfriend?*Daisy Mae Scragg*
What if the name of the town that Abner lives in?*Dogpatch*
Who is *Li*l Abner*s Ideel?**Fearless Fosdick*
What is Fosdick*s enduring trademark?*Swiss cheese bullet holes*
What is the name of Abner*s 15 * year old brother?*Tiny Yokum*
Who is the patriarch in the Yokum family?*Lucifer *Pappy* Yokum*
Who is the pint-sized cornpipe smoking leader of the Yokum clan?*Pansy *Mammy* Hunks Yokum*
What is the name of the generous & useful creatures that threatened civilization?*Shmoo*
Who is Sadie Hawkins?**The homeliest gal in the hills**
Who decreed the first Sadie Hawkins Day & why?*Hekzebiah Hawkins (Sadie*s father) because he worried about Sadie living at home for the rest of his life*
Who is Marryin* Sam?*The preacher who specializes in $2 weddings*
Were Li*l Abner & Daisy Mae ever married?*Yes*
What is the name of Abner & Daisy*s son?*Honest Abe Yokum*
Who is the ruthless capitalist?*General Bullmoose*
What is Earthquake McGoon know for?**The world*s dirtiest wrassler**
Who cause men to freeze in their tracks because of her beauty?*Stupefyin* Jones*
What is the name of Dogpatch*s hero?*Civil War General
Jubilation T. Cornpone*
Name the filibustering southern politician who wore a coonskin cap & carried a rifle*Senator Jack S. Phogbound*
What is Kickapoo Joy Juice?*A liquor of such potency that one sip causes the imbiber to rise into the air, stiff as frozen codfish*
What is *Lower Slobbovia?**Worthless land ruled by King Stubbornovsky the Last, based on Siberia*