Non-Talent Night

Non-Talent Night


We had a “Non-Talent” night.  Some of you may have done one before, but this was our first.  The idea was for the YW leaders (we were in charge) to think up talents ahead of time, and then to put those ideas in a sack with the props they would need.  So we ended up with 7 “acts”.  We had the bishopric and YM leaders dress to a song and dance number, they went first and were sooo funny (boy, were they surprised, we invited them all ahead of time, without telling them why).  We had a “circus act”…they had things like a baton, tricycle, juggling balls, and hoola hoops with fun music in their sack.  We had a “band” act, we gave them kazoos, drums, bells, rice noise makers, (make-up and horses), we had them do “Book of Mormon Stories, both versus.  We had a skit in a bag with all the props for one act.  We had Hawaiian dancing with the grass skirts, lei’s, and any other props we could find at home.  We had a group do the macarena.  We had a lip sinc group with all the props and music.  There are so many ideas for different talents, but we let them do it in groups which made it fun for them without too much embarrassment.  The idea is to break them up into groups, give them 15 minutes to practice their talent, and then to come back for a great show.  We had popcorn for during the show, and prizes for the winners.  They had a great time.

Let’s see:  two people pretend to challenge each other to a duel, they stand back to back, take a few paces, turn and then each opens a can of soda, chugs it as fast as possible and then the one who burps first, wins the duel.  Kinda rude, but hysterical!  Or play the piano with your feet or with your back to the keys, sing a song off-key, play an instrument you have no idea how to play. One time the mother/daughter act performed a ballet dance to some music, of course they had no ballet training/experience.  Read a poem or story in an exaggerated manner.  Hope this gets the creative juices rolling.

She dressed up as an opera singer – long black skirt, white blouse (I believe she even enhanced her ‘bosom’) wig, big jewelry, extreme makeup etc… She stepped out from the curtain and prepared to sing – and she ended up lip-syncing to a song recorded by Paul Robeson – a very deep bass! She was extremely dramatic and I just remember how funny it was. Another sister of mine danced to a ballet from “Swan Lake”. She emerged from behind the curtain in a full, tulle skirt – white with black dots on it. She had fashioned herself a large duck bill that she wore over her face and was wearing flippers on her feet that you use when swimming. Again it was hilarious.

I included things like opera singer, yoga instructor, sign language interpreter, etc. The young women or leaders presenting the activity provide props and music. List of all 25 creative “talents” and a complete list of supplies, including suggested music (which
makes all the difference in the “show”) are in this book p. 55-56. Or just invent your own version.

Best of luck – I know several seminary classes do this now for their annual party – get those guys tap dancing! They love the attention, it’s wholesome fun, and doesn’t add any stress to the youth for having to prepare something in advance.