Polar Express Party
Polar Express Party

Polar Express Party

Polar Express Party



This idea was shared by Nyla Miller of Sandy Utah. She said, I have been in Activities for 4 years and never have I had a Christmas Party as well attended as this. The children and parents were all excited about it and brought their family, neighbors, and friends. Our destination was the sprit of Christ and with a big emphases on BELIEVE.


PLEASE NOTE: This idea was shared with me, if you have questions about this event you can email Nyla at


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Polar Express Party Planner


Train scene with fog machine

Tables- oblong tables connected together to make on big track. Tops covered with butcher paper with five black stripes painted across the top and duct tape cross crossing the black stripes insinuating two train rails.

Stage displayed with a LGB train and a small town with trees and light and snow

Ticket window with tickets – everyone needs a ticket they are not transferable (I had many people ask if there was a ticket to print, so I made one:) you can find that here – Polar Express Ticket )

Conductor – To punch all tickets. He wears a Conductor hat, Conductor whistle, lantern, glasses, stop watch, and mustache.

Engineer Hats with red bandannas for all your helpers

·        www.celebrateexpress.com

·        Red bandannas purchased at Roberts Craft.

Train whistles (large) for all the kids. Resand and stamped with BELIEVE.

·        www.celebrateexpress.com

Chiefs –  To serve Hot Chocolate and food

·        Chiefs Hats

·        Chiefs aprons – Sam Club 3 for $10.00

Dancers during meal to entertain and hand out miniature marshmallow or whip cream

·        Song to Hot Chocolate

·        Dancers wear jeans, white shirt, engineer hats and red bandannas

Santa Clause – Bring cheer and give out whistles


Click here to see a program that can be used – Polar Express

Here is another one The Polar Express with a LDS Touch

 ConductorConductorIMG 0ConductorConductorConductor