Program for Polar Express

Program for Polar Express

Opening Prayer –Bishop Salisbury – 6:20 pm

Food- 6:25 pm Stuffed crescent roll French toast, hash browns, sausage. Tang.


Hot Chocolate 6:35 (Dance with tumbling) 10 minutes into eating.

Hot chocolate boys come out with hat aprons and or coarse hot chocolate.

After Hot Chocolate dance girls serve whipping cream and marshmellows.


John Bishop – 7:00!

Welcome Aboard The Polar Express! It comes to life tonight on the Great Sunridge Ward Railroad.

Our destination, the Spirit of Christ, hope you all have one incredible ride!

Tickets! Tickets Please!

Punch all children’s tickets

All Aboard!!!!!!

Piano – Polar Express Eric Knudsen & Andy Ford (play piano and drums) fog machine and lights

(Act 1)


Bailey Pfau–

Look at all these lights and decorations! All this Christmas Cheer!

Davis –

It’s too early. People are only thinking of commercial gain, wanting us to get caught up into buying. I just dread this time of year.

Kaitlyn Miller –

Are you kidding me? Christmas is such a wonderful, beautiful time. It a time for forgiving, being thankful, friends and family, and most of all remembering Christ.

Davis –

Christmas just doesn’t work out for me ever!

When Christmas Comes to town – Body Pfau (10) and Dakota Heughly (8) (sing)




(Act 2)

Donny (Ghost) –

Would like some chow? Perfect for a cold winters night.


Hands Billy the cup.


Davis – takes a drink and spits it out

Donny (Ghost) – takes an old wet soak and lays it over the fire.

Donny (Ghost) –

Is there something I could help you out with?

Davis –

I’m looking for the sprit of Christmas

Donny (Ghost) –

Laugh, Laugh, Laugh

You mean the real meaning of Christmas.


Laugh, Laugh, Laugh.

Aren’t we all?

Davis –

I want to believe, BUT?

Donny (Ghost) –

BUT WHAT?!! You don’t want to be Bamboozled-Lead down Primrose path, you don’t want to be conned, have the wool pulled over your eyes, hood winked, taken for a ride, railroaded.


Kicking the fire out


Look at Billy

Seeing is believing, am I right?



Davis –

Shakes head.


Ghost –

You said it yourself, Kid!

Picking up your sac getting ready to leave.


Ghost –

Well let’s go find this Sprit of Christmas; shall we?

Pick up you sac stick and walk away.


Davis –

Try tying your shoe and look up and the ghost is gone

Then yell Wait, but wait!

Primary – (read book and display pictures from book) I Believe in Santa Claus written by Diane G. Adamson Illustrated by M. Chad Randall

(Act 3)


Mackay Bickmore–

Its sleigh bells, can you hear them?

Bailey Pfau–

Yes Yes, I hear it.


Davis –

Hear what? I… don’t hear anything!


Bailey Pfau –

It’s the most beautiful sound.


Davis –

Why I can’t hear anything?


Mackay Bickmore–

Just listen.


Davis –

Are you sure it’s Bells?

Bailey Pfau & Mackay Bickmore –


Trains – (talk) By Joseph Knudsen / Learn, Depend on, Rely on Count on, Lead, Believe.

(Act 4)



Comes out blowing train whistle.

John Bishop –

Behind the train

There will be no Christmas if the Polar Express doesn’t make it on time. Does anyone understand this but me?!


Come out from behind the train and point to Kyle)

You! I should have known. Young man are you bound and determined this train never reaches the sprit of Christ?

Kyle –

But look it’s a bunch of Christmas Shoppers, Crossing! Must be thousands of them! It will be hours before they clear this track.

John Bishop –

Point a flashlight out to the audience.

Oh I see.  Well…..Think for a moment then

I know! There is a Sale over there. Point to somewhere away from the tracks.

Problem solved, (talking to Kyle)

Sound the whistle.


Kyle –

Blows the whistle


John Bishop –

All ahead slow!


When are we going to get to our destination?

John Bishop –

Seeing is Believing right kid?

But you know sometimes the most real things in the world are thing we can not see.


Attention Passengers. Our in-transit movie will now begin.

Film – Sunridge Ward Missionaries in the mission field   (DVD w/ music “I Believe”)

(Act 5)


Davis –

Holding scriptures.  Then reads


James 1:5

If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and “upbraideth not: and it shall be given him.


Sit the book down and knell on one knee and pretend to pray.


Bell rolls across the stage and is ringing.


I can hear it, I can hear the Bell!


Pick up the bell, shacks the Bell – Bell rings


Santa –

Come out

What did you say?

Davis –

I – I believe. I believe.



The Bell is the symbol of Sprit of Christmas, and so am I.

Remember – The true Sprit of Christmas lies on your heart!

Santa –

Now for the 1st Gift of Christmas.


And it goes to?


Believe – Micah Jones (song from Polar Express)



John Bishop –

The wreaths, the lights, the red bows, the decorated trees, the presents, all remind us of the true meaning of Christmas.

We should be grateful to all who spend time making displays of gifts, and decorations. They are advertising the spirit of Christmas. They are reminding all of us of Christ!

May the Spirit of Christ stay with you this holiday season and may you always truly believe.

Closing Prayer – (someone from the primary)

Santa – Give out train whistles with BELIEVE stamped on them!