The Merry Mix-up

On card print out the items listed below, one to a card. Pass out to the audience. A narrator reads the story aloud pausing at each blank space. The people in the audience take turns filling in the blanks by reading their cards. This makes a humorous story which everyone will enjoy.

A quart of eggnogA little lambBubble
Gum3 pounds of butterA pair of dirty socks
HorseshoesA holly wreathFurniture polish
A broken TV.A fluffy pillowA long white beard
An electric toasterHot mince pieA candy cane
Moldy feathersGreen shoelacesA dog’s bone
A ragged apronA snow shovelLipstick
A purple dinosaurA bow and arrowA tail light
A Christmas carol14 cookiesChicken feathers
A tree ornamentRudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer

It was a cold winter night at the North Pole. The icicles on the eaves of Santa’s cozy house hung down like ___ and the snowflakes were falling fast as ___. Inside, Mrs. Claus sat in her rocker that creaked like ___. She was knitting a pair of mittens the color of ___. “Where can Santa be?” she wondered as she went to the stove. She picked up a ___, fastened it to ___ and stirred a bubbling pan of stew with it. The stew smelled delicious, just like a ___. “It’s time for Santa to be home from him round the world trip” Mrs. Claus grumbled. “Last year his sleigh got stuck in ___, a runner broke off and he had to fix it with ___ and ___. But this year he promised nothing would go wrong, because he took along ___ for luck.

Just then two little elves burst into the room. Their frightened faces were the color of ___ and the bells on their shoes jingled like ___. “Mrs. Claus!” they cried, “Come with us! Something’s happening over at the workshop!’

Mrs. Claus tossed her knitting into ___ which happened to be nearby. She followed the elves so fast she almost tripped over ___ in the doorway, and the door slammed with a noise like ___ as the three rushed to Santa’s workshop.

Overhead the stars twinkled like ___, and the snow lay on the ground as deep as ___. The quaint windows of Santa’s workshop, which was shaped like ___, were brightly lighted, and Mrs. Claus could see a figure inside. He was grabbing leftover toys off the shelves with as much noise as ___ and tossing them into a big bag which was a lumpy as ___. “Robber!” she whispered to the elves. “Your grab ___, and you grab ___ and I’ll make a noise like a ___, and we’ll scare him away.” But before Mrs. Claus could say ___. the workshop door opened and the person inside hurried out, his heavy sack loaded with Santa’s toys.

“Stop thief!” Mrs. Claus tried to shout, but she was frightened, her voice sounded like ___. The figure with the sack stopped short, then there was a jolly laugh and a “Well, bless my buttons…what are you doing out here so late?” It was Santa himself! He explained that he’d run out of toys and had to return to the north Pole for more. He hurried into the house for a bowl of stew, which tasted better than ___ on that cold night. Then Santa rushed to his sleigh, the reindeer stamped their feet with a noise like ___, and they rose into the air as gracefully as ___.