The Polar Express with a LDS Touch

The Polar Express with a LDS Touch

Shared by Sis Billie Jo Maurer


(I had many people ask if there was a ticket to print, so I made one:) you can find that here – Polar Express Ticket )


The Polar Express with a LDS Touch.

Two years ago just before the Holiday Season hit I was inspired to write a new version of the Polar Express. With humility I prayed and  asked my Heavenly Father to help me reach the sisters in the Relief Society during this hectic time of the year.  I wanted the sisters who were struggling with life’s circumstances to know they were not forgotten. I also wanted to remind the sisters to listen to the promptings of the Holy Ghost during this busy Season and others would be blessed.

The invitations to the Polar Express resembled a train ticket. As the sisters came to the program they were greeted by the ticket taker. Once they were all seated I came into the room  blowing my train whistle and shouting (reverently) :ALL ABOARD .. FOR THE POLAR EXPRESS !

On the right of me I had three sisters sitting. One was older / one was middle age and the other one was a young Mother. On the other side of the room was a large Christmas Tree with little Angles hanging on it. On the side of the tree was a pile of  storage box’s and then a basket with a quilt and food.

After I read the story with great enthusiasm  I rang the Bell for all of those who Believed. But the sister’s to my right could not hear the bell. I asked them: Sister’s why can’t you hear the bell?

In short there reply-  Oldest Sister: I used to hear the bell , but since my husband has been sick each day seems to be a little harder. My family  lives out of town , it is very quiet and lonely during the Holiday Season.  The conductor asks the 2nd sister why she can’t hear the bell and she replies. “ I used to hear the bell but since my husband has been laid off we have no extra money for my son. He wants Santa to bring him a bike.. “We have no money for a bike”.  and the conductor asked the 3rd. Sister .. Why can’t you hear the bell?   Tears run down her face as she explains how she is devoiced  with three little girls. She wants to believe but ,she is afraid to believe.

The conductor sprinkles stars up into the air and whispers these words.

“Miracles happen when you Believe.

There is action on the other side of the Tree.. There is a lady standing as if she is in a long shopping line waiting to check out.  She is in a hurry and is irradiated at how slow the line is moving. She is standing by a Christmas Tree that has Angels on it. You can choose a Angel and it will  have the needs of someone.  The sister kept looking at the Angel tree.. She didn’t have time to add another project to her busy schedule.  She tapped her foot wishing the line would move beyond the tree, then she felt the prompting of the Spirit to look at the tag. ( the tag read: Mother of three needs nightgowns for her girls for Christmas) The sister’s heart melted.  I am very grateful for my blessings and it won’t take much to bless someone else with the spirit of Christmas. I will call my sister’s and we will make sure this Sister has a wonderful Christmas.

( the acting sister walks over to the conductor and he hands her a bell.  The sister takes it to the devoiced sister and hugs her as she hands her the bell.)

Sister # 2 is cleaning out her garage behind all the storage box’s and finds her son’s bike. “Wow this bike is just like new.. I will call the Bishop and see if he knows anyone that could use it for Christmas.

( Sister # 2 walks over to the conductor and receives a bell she hugs the young Mother as she hands her the bell.

Sister # 3 tells about how each year her family gets together and makes a throw quilt and fills the basket with food . They randomly  pick a sister and then as a family they deliver the basket and they stay and visit.

( Sister # 3 walks over to the conductor and receives a bell, she then hugs the older sister as  she hands her the bell)

The following story is read (from Especially for Mormons Vol. 1- Another Christmas Story – And so it came to pass) CLICK HERE FOR STORY

Silent Night is playing in the background. The last part of the story reads:


After this reading the program was ended with the Polar Express Song  “I Believe”

I can not tell you how much this program not only affected us who participated in it spiritually, but it also touched the hearts of those who listened to it. We performed it five times that year and each time little miracles would happen.   I know that my heart was opened to the whisperings of the Spirit.  The Journey on the Polar Express will always bring gratitude to my heart.  I  BELIEVE