Here are a couple of my thoughts about Ward Choir

Here are a couple of my thoughts!

Make it fun, no one likes a choir director that takes the fun out of it, we are just lay people not professionals

Remember that it is a Ward choir not an Adult choir, if you want only adults in it, then have an Adult Choir and a Youth Choir. ( we have adults, YW.YM and Primary kids in ours)

Include the youth (YW/YM) let them know that they can use the ward choir to pass off things in there Duty to God and Personal Progress, once you get them there they just might stay!

Primary age kids are GREAT to use, have them sing part of a song, their sweet little voices are wonderful and everyone loves to hear them.

Use the Hymn Book, these songs are wonderful and from a member of a choirs point of view, at times it is great to just sing a song I know!


Ask the Bishopric to join so they can be supportive.