Get to know you games

Get to know you games

Truths and a Fib

Each person stands up and tells 2 things that are true about themselves and 1 thing that is a fib (in any order).  Everyone tries to guess which thing is the fib.

Things that Represent Me

Each person brings a lunch sack (usually provided in advance) with 3 items in it that represent them.  All the lunch sacks are mixed up in a pile.  The leader holds up the items in each bag and then the group has to guess who’s bag it is.

There is one game where one girl stands in the middle and everyone else is in a chair in a circle surrounding her.  She yells out something like “I like chocolate” and everyone who likes chocolate has to get up and find another chair.  The girl in the middle also scrambles to find a chair and whoever is left standing in the next girl in the middle.  The girls love this game!

This game is called( how I have played it) “Do you love your neighbor.  Everyone sits in a circle and on person stands on the middle(there isn’t a chair for her).  She goes up to a person and asks “Do you love your neighbor?”  That person can say yes or no.  If “yes” then everyone has to jump up and switch seats.  If “no” then the person in the middle asks “well, who do you love?”.  Then the person must say who she loves…”I love everyone with glasses”…or…”i love everyone with blue eyes”…or…”I love everyone with laces”…etc.  Everyone with glasses, or laces, or with whatever she calls out has to switch chairs.  Whoever is left standing is “it”.  They go up to someone and asks “Do you love your neighbor”.  We played this game a lot in YSA and had the best time!!

  1. What’s your name?
    2.                What’s your nickname?
    3.                Favorite color?
    4.                Favorite Food?
    5.                Favorite church song?
    6.                Favorite non-church song?
    7.                Favorite type of music?
    8.                Favorite band?
    9.                Favorite subject in school?
    10.           Least favorite subject in school?
    11.           Favorite thing to do with friends?
    12.           Favorite thing about Sunday YW lessons?
    13.           Lease favorite thing about Sunday YW lessons?
    14.           Favorite movie?
    15.           Last movie saw in a theatre?
    16.           Names of Parent/Parents?
    17.           Names and ages of siblings?
    18.           What do you want to be when you grow up?
    19.           What would you do with $1000.00?
    20.           What’s your favorite scripture story?
    21.           Favorite Actor?
    22.           Favorite actress?
    23.           Favorite sport?
    24.           Favorite athlete?
    25.           Favorite TV show?
    26.           Favorite candy?
    27.           List your talents:
    28.           List any accomplishments or awards:
    29.           What would you ask Santa for Christmas?