YSA Activities

YSA activities, and since we are gearing up for the summer, I thought Id share a few ideas with you!

  • a welcome to the YSA packet (with the numbers of the YSA reps and the times and dates of the upcoming activities in it.) to go along with this idea a newsletter sent out every few moths or so with the upcoming activities, a quote or short story by a general authority and the upcoming birthdays so that people would know what was going on when.
  • we have talked about having a water balloon volleyball league between all the wards in our area (there are 16)
  • Potluck Sundays with a birthday party for anyone who has had a birthday that month
  • scavenger hunts and bigger or better
  • adopt a SA (single adults over 30) and plan a few activities with them. This is also a good way to find service projects to help our SA’s
  • Mini Golf
  • Dutch oven cooking nights/bonfire and lake days
  • Garden Parties
  • Gadianton robbers game (like the mafia game where you have to squirt people to kill them)
  • Fall Dance before everyone leaves for college again
  • Luau
  • Film Festival where each ward makes a short movie (5 minutes or so) of a scriptural story and then you have an Oscars award type night where you dress up and watch the movies.
  • Temple trips are popular if the option is available
  • Dances and firesides are pretty common, but can still be done in a fun and uplifting way.

The problem with many YSA programs is that too often it becomes the same things over and over and people don’t want to come anymore. I know many YSA’s feel like they are a leper instead of valued members of our wards and branches. It would be greatly appreciated if you could help make the calling for the YSA reps and their leaders easier. We want to encourage our fellow single friends to stay strong in the church, to feel loved and needed instead of feeling like lepers. Please help us!

I hope this list helps others as well!

Thanks again! Cassie Jasperson, Thayne Wyoming