Come Unto Christ – Hand Sanitizer
Come Unto Christ – Hand Sanitizer

Come Unto Christ – Hand Sanitizer

YW 2014 theme insert for germ 2

We have all seen this idea used in a hand soap with a pump, but I decided why not make one for our YW for Back to School. By using a small bottle of Hand Sanitizer it can go with them to school. I found this small bottles at the Dollar store, 2 for a $1.00.

I have seen packs of 3 for a $1.00 but they didn’t have them this time.



YW Hand Sanitizer

I went to buy more transparency sheets, and all Staples had was a pack of 50 for $50.00

3M Universal Transparency Film –

There was no way I was going to buy that for 3 sheets, so I asked the print shop in there if they could sale me some transparency sheets, and she did for $0.99 each (the cost as if she printed on it)

When I first did this idea I did it using the YW theme, I got the subway art like shown in the picture above from Mormonshare. I did still had to fingure out the right size for this bottle, you can get that download on this page, YW Theme – Hand Sanitizer (Insert)


I have made up 2 choice for the 2014 theme

YW 2014 theme insert for germ

pdfYW 2014 theme insert for germ killer.pdf257.16 KB

YW 2014 theme insert for germ 2
Instructions:Hand Sanitizer

PRINTING LABELS: PRINT USING A LASERPRINTER, inkjet will smear, you can have them printed at a printshop if you do not have a laser printer.


1. Peel the labels off the Hand Sanitizer, use a blow-dryer to soften the glue and Goo Gone on the left over glue.
2. Cut the transparency to size. Make sure to leave a clear space on the bottom so that the words are at the height you would like. Test this on the outside of the dispenser before putting it in.
3. Roll up the transparency and squeeze it into the bottle. It will unroll once it’s inside the bottle.
4. Put the lid back on, and if desired tie a cute ribbon around it.
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