Quotes on Dress and Appearance

Quotes on Dress and Appearance

Dallin H. Oaks:
“Young women, please understand that if you dress immodestly, you are magnifying this problem by becoming pornography to some of the men who see you.” (“Pornography,” Ensign, May 2005, page 87)

Brigham Young
“Suppose that a female angel were to come into your house and you had the privilege of seeing her, how would she be dressed? � She would be neat and nice, her countenance full of glory, brilliant, bright, and perfectly beautiful, and in every act her gracefulness would charm the heart of every beholder. There is nothing needless about her. None of my sisters believe that these useless, foolish fashions are followed in heaven. Well, then, pattern [your lives] after good and heavenly things, …” (in Deseret News [Weekly], 30 Apr. 1873, 196).

Susan W. Tanner

Everything about your appearance, your speech, and your demeanor should bespeak that you are a literal spirit son or daughter of Heavenly Father. If we truly understand the significance of our bodies in our Father’s plan, we will show great honor for our bodies. When you dress and act modestly, others will treat you with respect. (Make Dating Smooth Sailing New Era, October 2004, page 28)

Spencer W. Kimball:
Another of the many things that lead to unchastity is immodesty. Today many young women and young men are smug in their knowledge of the facts of life. They think they know all the answers. They talk about sex as freely as they talk about cars and shows and clothes. And a spirit of immodesty has developed until nothing seems to be sacred.

One contributing factor to immodesty and a breakdown of moral values is the modern dress. I am sure that the immodest clothes that are worn by some of our young women, and their mothers, contribute directly and indirectly to the immorality of this age. Even fathers sometimes encourage it. I wonder if our young sisters realize the temptation they are flaunting before young men when they leave their bodies partly uncovered….

I am positive that the clothes we wear can be a tremendous factor in the gradual breakdown of our love of virtue, our steadfastness in chastity (Faith Precedes the Miracle [1972], 163, 168).

What you put on your body “talks.” And everyone who sees you “hears” what you’re saying. (Preceding bullets from”Q&A: Questions and Answers,” New Era, January 2004, page 16)

Dressing modestly is important because those around us judge us by how we appear.

What you wear tells others who you are.

What you wear shows your respect (or disrespect) for places you go and people you’re with.

What you wear reflects how committed you are to following the Savior. If you ignore how He’s asked you to dress, you’re saying, “The Lord isn’t important to me.”

The Lord has provided some appropriate dress and grooming standards in For the Strength of Youth.

Dressing modestly invites the companionship of the Holy Ghost.

When you are well-groomed and modestly dressed, you can influence others for good. (Preceding bullets from “For the Strength of Youth, page 15)