The Big Picture!
The Big Picture!

The Big Picture!

Another couple of idea – Big Picture New Beginnings Idea #2 / The Big Picture another variation


The Idea started when my sister asked if I could help her with and printing job, she wanted to take a picture and have it blown up into a large size (size would depend on picture used, or how many girls you would have) then she wanted to have it cut up like a puzzle, although it does not need to be in a puzzle form, hummm this is hard to explain! Anyway we would print a picture so every piece of paper is a different part of the picture? Does that make sense? Then on the other side we would write things that has to do with the picture, so for example, a picture of the temple, that is the where we need to end up, so what does it take to get there? then you talk about those things/areas. then all the girls come and print their piece up and together it makes a picture of the temple.

Well we used that idea for our New Beginnings, please see below.

Here is the printable’s we used for this night, I will include a picture of the Salt Lake Temple, so that anyone can use that picture.



We printed the theme on one side and then the picture of the temple on the other. Downloads at bottom of page

File0001 small

Mesa Temple Big picture (SLC Temple also available)

File00041 small

Here is how we used it for New Beginnings, we used the YW theme, we had our Laurel Class President talk about each part of theme,

I divided it like this:

We are daughters of our Heavenly Father,

who loves us, and we love Him.

We will “stand as witnesses of God at all times and in all things, and in all places”

as we strive to live the Young Women values, which are:


Divine Nature

Individual Worth


Choice and Accountability

Good Works



We believe as we come to accept and act upon these values,

we will be prepared to strengthen home and family, make and keep sacred covenants,

receive the ordinances of the temple,

and enjoy the blessings of exaltation.

As she talked about each part she put up the page with the words on it, we used a magnet and had it on the chalk board, it was 4 pages across and 4 pages down (see PDF file above) She did GREAT, she talked about how she had always just repeated the theme and never thought about what it really meant, how she learned so much from studying it, she told theme with each value, why it is important in our lives. It was just what we wanted, we want the girls to REALLY listen to the theme. We left the theme on the chalk board then everyone got up and said the theme.

Then our 2nd councilor got up and talked about each of us being a light, how the everything we do in YW is trying to get us to one place, anyway as she started to speak I got up and started to turn over the pages that were on the board, I used blue painters tape so it would not hurt the chalk board and I did not want the magnets to defer from the picture, as we turned the pictures over you could see that it was a picture of the temple. So everything that the theme teaches us and if we do will lead us to the temple. So that is how the Big PICTURE came about! She worded it go well, I will see if I can get her notes!

Here is a copy of our program

Being a Part of the Big Picture

Conducting: YW Pres

Opening Song: *I Love to See the Temple*

Leading: (Young Women)

Piano: (Young Women)

Opening Prayer: (Young Women)

Camp overview: Camp director

Flag Dates: this is our yearly fundraiser we talked about

Intro of class officers – YW Pres

Intro of new Beehives – Leader (we gave then the torch necklace)

Personal Progress Review: (leader did this)

Young Women Theme – (we had the Laurel Pres do this)

Musical Number: Beehives

“In That Holy Places” (song found a Deford Music click here)

Message to the Young Women: (Leader)

Bishops Remarks: Bishop

Closing Song: *Teach me to Walk in the Light*

Closing Prayer: (Young Women)

Since these pictures are blown up REALLY large, so it fit on 16 pages, it becomes very graining looking, ehrn you print it out, you are going to think, it looks bad, but when you have them up in the front of the room and the girls are looking at them from far away, all together it looks fine, but bad when you get up close. I promise it will work 🙂