Big Picture New Beginnings Idea #2

Original Big Picture Idea – download temple pictures from the Original Big Picture Page

The Big Picture another variation

Hi there,

Our ward recently used the “Big Picture” New Beginnings idea listed on your site for Young Womens.  I wanted to share with you how we used it.

We had our whole Laurel class take turns talking about each of the 16 pieces of the theme, for about 1-2 minutes each. It was a beautiful experience to hear each of their testimonies. Then I got up and talked about how the theme leads us towards the temple, and talked about the big picture. I wanted to share my talk with you, in hopes that it might be helpful for someone else. It’s ~10 minutes long.

(We also gave each girl a 4×6 picture in a frame, that was their school picture for the year, superimposed over a picture of the Salt Lake temple, to remind them of their ultimate goal & the path they should be on. My talk refers to this near the end.)

I hope this can be helpful to someone. Thank you for putting this idea up there, we loved it!

Annalisa Spencer
Mia Maid/Beehive Advisor
Salt Lake City, UT

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