Charm Bracelets
Charm Bracelets

Charm Bracelets

Charm Bracelets


We also have a birthday cake , they get that when they have a
birthday, and the heart is because they are loved!
The girls love them and are excited to work on getting all the charms!
Below is what we wrote on a card we gave them with the bracelet, we gave it to them at New Beginnings!
We gave them a card with the following written on it!

“Stand Ye in Holy Places”
The charm we picked to go with this theme is a high-heeled shoe, our hope is that each time you look at the shoe on your charm bracelet, it will remind you that you need to Stand Tall for you are a Daughter of God, and by obeying our Heavenly Fathers commandments you are keeping yourself worthy to enter the Temple of the Lord, and to receive the blessings of the temple!
We love you and are proud of all you do.
During your time in YW you will have the chance to earn other charms for your bracelet. Here is a list of some of those charms and what they stand for!
Faith ~ the Savior is our beacon in the dark
Divine Nature ~ We are each princess and daughters of the King
Treasure Box:
Individual Worth ~We each are full of many treasures
Knowledge ~ To learn about the good around us
Choice & Accountability ~ our choices determine our directions
Good Works ~ for being industrious
Integrity: our integrity is our anchor in life. if we keep our integrity we have a free conscience

Here is the card we used when we handed them out, I printed it on heavy paper, then I put two holes in the middle you will see where the space is, and hooked the bracelet on through the holes.



Okay for those who asked or want to know, here is some info on the Charm Bracelets, I have to give credit to justgiriffic@__________>

She gave me all my info on where to find this stuff! GOOD JOB!!!!
Okay not including shipping or the rings to hook the things on



High High-heeled Shoe

Birthday Cake





Treasure Chest

Bumble Bee


Okay here are the links:

Rings and Things

I bought most of the stuff at Rings and Things, this is where I found the chains.

Pewter Charms

Sallys Charms

I am updating this info as of 10/13/03, this is the info and prices I can find!

Here is some of the info I have on the cost and where to buy them!

At the web page Rings and Things

You have to have a business license and the costs are:

1.00/ea    7.20/doz    28.80/ 1/2 GR    50.40/GR of one style

per charm, if you buy more then 12 this place is cheaper, but they only have:
the shoe, heart, high heeled shoe, birthday cake and anchor

They have  a $50.00 min purchase (or there is a charge of $4.00) the chains they
have are the best. I don’t like the ones at Sally’s Charms
the chain:

Chain, 8″, Curb, Heavy

Stock #: 40-412-5

8″ Heavy Curb Bracelet with 12mm Lobster Clasp. (Antique Pewter)

1-11 ea is $1.75 each

12-71 is $1.25 ea

72-143 is $0.90 ea

144 and up $0.80 ea

and these charms at, where anyone can buy

Heart : $10 for 12

or $12 for 12

or $10 for 12 there are a lot more to pick from

High High-heeled Shoe : $12 for 12

Birthday Cake :  $12 for 12 or you could use Happy Birthday : $12 for 12

Anchor :  $11.00 for 12 (this is also different, but it is look stronger

Lighthouse : $10 for 12 this is different then the one pictures, it was cheaper!

Globe : $12 for 12

Compass :  $12 for 12

Treasure Chest : $12.00 for 12 (there is one cheaper but I liked this one better, the other one is $10 for 12

Bumble Bee:   $12.00 for 12

Crown : $10.00 for 12

The chains at Sally’s Charms cost 1.75 each and up


Chain 4 $2.00 ea

Chain 5 $2.00 ea

Chain 9 $3.50 each


oh!! very important you will need rings to hook them on,

Price of This Item: $6.00 ounce that is like about 200-250 per package