Collections of Divine Nature Value Helps

Collections of Divine Nature Value Helps


I am a Child of God*Hymns*No. 301*

O My Father**Hymns*No. 292*

Audio/visual materials

This is My Glory*VH002 / 53452*14 min.*

Pictures & posters

Begin to let grow (Mormonad) *Aug 1991*New Era*p. 7*

Act well thy part*Jan 1995*New Era*p. 19*

Create the perfect self-portrait*Aug 1996*New Era*p. 15*

Class lesson manuals

Young Women 2*Lesson 2: Spiritual Gifts*

Young Women 3*Lesson 1: God the Father*

Young Women 1*Lesson 1: A Daughter of God*

Young Women 1*Lesson 5: Finding Joy in Our Divine Potential*


FHE Resource Book; PBHT5197 / 31106; pp. 225-6: Talents and Gifts*

Gospel Principles; PBIC0245 / 31110; Lesson 22: The Gifts of the Spirit*

The Latter-day Saint Woman, Part A; 31113; Lesson 27: Developing Our Talents*

The Latter-day Saint Woman, Part B; 31114; Lesson 3: Gifts of the Spirit*

Walk in His Ways, Part B; PBIC0303 / 31116; p. 198 (story of Louis XVII)*


“The Girl on the Bus”; Mar 1982; Ensign; pp. 34-35*

“Bach, Beethoven, and the Book of Mormon”; Aug 1983; New Era; pp. 10-11*

“I have Learned to Sing”; Sept 1984; Ensign; pp. 40-43*

“A Little Miracle”; Oct 1984; Ensign; pp. 17-19*

“When the Pressure is On”; Jan 1988; New Era; pp. 8-9*

“Secret of the Second Mile”; May 1990; New Era; p. 7*

“The Priceless Station Wagon”; Aug 1990; New Era; pp. 14-16*

“A Shining Example”; Oct 1990; New Era; p. 12*

“The Bus Stop”; Apr 1991; New Era; p. 26*

“The Snob”; Feb 1992; New Era; pp. 9-11*

“Enduring Mrs. Higgins”; Feb 1992; New Era; pp. 26-27*

“The Pink Gift”; Dec 1992; New Era; pp. 14-15*

“Speak Up”; Aug 1996; New Era; pp. 44-45*