I will make the decisions today that will take me to the temple tomorrow

“I will make the decisions today that will take me to the temple tomorrow”.   

We aren’t combining with YM though but you could do something similar and just change the topics of the talks.  We will first have an introduction to our theme and I will tell them the story I shared a few days ago called “I was born to be a King” and talk about how each of the girls was born to be a queen and making the decisions now that will take them to the temple is very important.  We will then hear from our first speaker who will talk for 5-7 minutes about how faith relates to our theme.  Then we will travel around to different rooms hearing from different speakers about how each of the values relate to our theme and each room will be decorated in the value color.  Each of the value will talks will be 5-7 minutes long.  For the last part we will go to a room that is all decorated in white and pictures of temples.  As they we enter the music to “In this very room” will be playing and then it will be sung when we are all seated to set the tone for our speaker.  Our concluding speaker will be the former President of the Logan temple who was recently released and is in our ward.  He will speak for about 20-30 minutes.  He will talk about the importance of preparing ourselves spiritually and physically to go to the temple and how the decisions we make now will set the stage for temple worthiness.  Maybe you could do some kind of temple theme and have several different people speak about certain attributes that are very important to help them make the decisions that will take them to the temple.  You could have people speak about the YW values, honoring the priesthood, making eternal goals, having moral standards or something like that then have a concluding speaker bring it all together and show them the big picture.