Miss America

The Laurel class presidency wanted to do a “Miss America” type program.   We wanted the night to be more spiritual, especially since our theme has been about Christ and we didn’t want to encourage the whole worldliness of beauty pageants.  So after much prayer and consideration here is what we will be doing:

In advance we will ask each parent to choose which value their daughter most represents and why.  Than we will make Miss America type sashes with that value written across it.  In advance we will also have each girl choose some Personal Progress experience/project to highlight.  We will take photos of the girls and projects with digital cameras to put into a PowerPoint presentation.   On that night we will still have the Relief Society (We think this is a good transition thing) come in and do hair and make-up in advance but we will make the dress Sunday Dress.  The girls will sit in the front and an announcer will call their names and usher them down the red carpet.  The announcer will say which value they represent and tell what their parents said.  The girl will then be given the sash with that value written on it.  If the girl has done Personal Progress the announcer will then go on and say what project they did (this way we will be able to include all the girls but also add an extra spotlight for the girls who have done Personal Progress).  All the while the Power Point will be showing in the background.  At the end, the president will give a talk about divine nature and personal progress and then all the girls will sing a song.