PP Shrinky Dinks

Pp shrinky dinks

I wanted to share an activity my daugher and I did last night – in the back of the YW Fun-Tastic Personal Progress Motivators Book (by Ross/Guymon-King) there are 7 quilt blocks that can be used to make a YW value quilt.  Well, instead, we traced them onto Shrinky Dink plastic.  Colored them the value colors, punched a hole in the top and shrunk them.  They turned out sooooo cool, about the size of postage stamps.
We are trying to decide if we are going to make them into a cute little charm bracelet or just put ribbon on the end and make neat little book marks.  2 things I would do differently – figure out how to write the value backwards so that when they shrink the “front” becomes the “shiny” side.  Also, round the edges, we left them square and they are a little rough.