Scripture Treasure Hunt

Scripture Treasure Hunt

We started the girls all at the same point, but for a larger group you may want to split them into teams.  The girls will need their scripture for this treasure hunt.  Here are the clues I used, but you can make up your own:

1.  D&C 64:23 – (As an extra clue I put this at the bottom:  “For this clue ‘the envelope please.'”
The answer, or place to get the next clue *Tithing Box*
2.  St. John 4:14 – (An extra clue:  “If you are thirsty read this”)
*Drinking Fountain*
3.  St. Luke 14:15
*kitchen, (fridge)*
4.  Alma 46:12-13 – (An extra clue:  “Pledge your allegiance and salute the red, white, and blue.
*Flag Pole*
5.  Matthew 4:18-19 – (An extra clue:  “Look at the story on the wall.”)
6.  I Peter 2:25
*Bishops office*
7.  D&C 88:118 – (this is the last clue.  If possible have the librarian hold the treasure.)

For the treasure I made a treasure box out of a shoe box and pasted a large picture of Christ in it. When the girls were done they were instructed to return to the classroom.  There we discussed how the scriptures are our treasure map given to us by our Heavenly Father to return home to him, Jesus Christ, and the rest of our heavenly family.  The girls brought the treasure box back with them to the classroom as instructed.  After the closing of a short lesson and the prayer I filled the box with chocolate coins, candy necklaces, pop rings, etc. Attached to each candy was the hand out.  The hand out had burnt edges was scrolled, and was a treasure map drawn up. At the “X marks the spot” was a sticker of Christ in the red robe.  The title at the top of the hand out read “The Scriptures, The Treasure Map To Eternal Life.”  I added 2 scriptures to the journey on the map: John 5:39 – “Search the scriptures, for in them ye think ye have eternal life and they are they which testify of me.” D&C 89:19 “…And shall find wisdom and great treasure of knowledge, even hidden treasures.”

Here are some other scriptures you can use

1. 1 Timothy 3:1-Bishop’s office door
2. Genesis 16:7-Water fountain
3. Acts 5:15-Couch (foyer)
4. D&C 64:23-Tithing Envelopes
5. D&C 68:28-Primary room
6. Helaman 3:15-Library
7. 2 Nephi 13:4-Nursery
8. Alma 46:12-Flag pole
9. Job 38:30-Kitchen (freezer)
10. D&C 121:40-Telephone
11. D&C 138:48-Family History room
12. Malachi 4:1-Kitchen (Burn as an OVEN)