Temple Can / Time Capsules
Temple Can / Time Capsules

Temple Can / Time Capsules

When I’ve done them we have used the large can from the cannery and actually sealed them so they couldn’t open them. It’s important to stress to the girls that it’s not something you want them opening all the time and “updating” – that takes the fun out of it! For your purposes 5 years is probably a good time frame. When we did temple time capsules they don’t open them until they become engaged! For a list of ideas to put in the time capsules see below.

Temple Can

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Here are some ideas of things you can put in it

  • A list of their “favourites” at their current age
  • Their goals for the future(we are probably doing 5 year time capsules – will open it up when they are Laurels)
  • Favourite scripture
  • What they think they will be doing in 5 years time
  • Photos of themselves, their friends, their favorite outfit
  • Anything else that depicts the person they are now – maybe a favourite candy or chocolate wrapper
  • Their written testimony
  • It’s also fun if they write down the price of things – a gallon of gas, a movie ticket, a loaf of bread – etc