Spiritual Sisters

Here is a cute idea for away to get your YW to think more of other YW Thanks Lisa B., of Gilbert, AZ

It can be used for Girls Camp or for less active girls.
Spiritual Sisters

I am your sister 
I care about you 
Where ever you are 
What ever you do

I’ll give you a smile 
To show you I care 
Your secrets and troubles 
I’m willing to share 
When you are alone 
You can have the seat next to me 
If you need a ride 
That’s where I’ll be

And when I go to my knees 
At the end of the day 
I’ll think about you 
As I start to pray

Because you are my sister 
I care about you 
Where ever you go 
What ever you do 
You have been assigned ________________________________ as your “Spiritual Sister”. Please keep this name confidential. All we ask you to do is pray for this young woman each day. On Fast Sunday, include her in your Fast. Smile at her when you see her. Say hello. Be her friend. Remember, someone is doing the same for you.

We love you! We appreciate all you do and the great example you are! 
Your YW leaders.