YW Class Presidency Training – Bee a Little Better
YW Class Presidency Training – Bee a Little Better

YW Class Presidency Training – Bee a Little Better

Shared by Becky B. of Layton, Utah

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As a YW Presidency, we are always looking for fun ways to train our YW Class Presidencies.  I came across a quote by President Hinckley that inspired this training. 
    “We are all in this together, all of us, and we have a great work to do. 
     Every teacher can be a better teacher than he or she is today. 
     Every officer can be a better officer than he or she is today.
     Every father can be a better father. 
     Every mother can be a better mother.
     Every husband can be a better husband, every wife a better wife, every child a better child.
     We are on the road that leads to immortality and eternal life and today is a part of it.  Let us never forget it.” (Stand a Little Taller, p.4)
Although I used a different quote by President Hinckley during the training, this is the quote that inspired the idea.
We made folders for each girl that included the “Bee a Little Better Leader”, the section in Handbook 2 that talks about YW Class Presidencies (I copied this word-for-word out of the handbook), a list of the YW in their classes, and a few calendars for the upcoming months.  I also gave each of them a handout that had a different quote from President Hinckley.  Just in case you want to make your own handout, it said, “Each of us can do a little better than we have been doing.  We can be a little more kind.  We can be a little more merciful.  We can be a little more forgiving.  We can put behind us our weaknesses of the past, and go forth with new energy and increased resolution to improve the world about us.  We have a work to do.  Let us roll up our sleeves and get at it, with new commitment, putting our trust in the Lord.”  -President Gordon B. Hinckley

We divided up the training as follows:  One counselor instruced on the Handbook 2 “YW Class Presidencies” section, another counselor instructed on “Class Presidency Meeting” and my Secretary instructed on “YW Class Secretaries”.  Then I gave the “Bee a Little Better” portion including a few personal stories and gave them the handout.  I mounted the discussion helps on cute yellow & white checked scrapbooking paper, and then on black cardstock.  After, we separated into classes for a short presidency meeting.  Including dessert, the entire thing lasted less than an hour and the YW loved it.
Thanks for all your website provides.  I absolutely love it.
Becky B. 
Layton, Utah

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