Amazing Race

Amazing Race


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I planned an Amazing Race as part of our FHE one night and attended one at a Ward I was visiting in Vancouver.  This is what we did for them.

Each of the stops in the race were based on TV shows, the Iron Chief, What Not to Wear and Fear Factor.

We all started at the Church, there was 4 teams of 4.  To start the game there was Chocolate bars scattered out in a field and each team member had to find one before you were given your first clue.

The clues gave you an address of a house or store and you had to find them.  They also told what you would be doing there so you could pick the people that would do the challenge before you got there.

For example, The Fear Factor clue said that someone would have a eat a special sundae and the toppings would be chosen for you.  So you had to pick one person to eat and then there was questions to answer to pick which toppings you would have on your sundae so you had to pick someone to answer these.  The question was to name all the general authorities in one minute and for every name missed a topping was added.  The sundae was mashed potato and spices.  Some of the toppings were mustard, soy sauce, hot sauce, just about anything you can find in your kitchen.

For the Iron Chief we went to a house and decorated a cake.  The cake was already made and some of the toppings icing, whipped cream, chocolate pudding and candies.  The cakes were then judged when we got back to the church and the best cake the team had 2 minutes taken off their time.

For What not to wear we went to Value Village and had to dress people up as prom king and queen.  There was a person with a Polaroid camera waiting at the store taking the pictures.  When back at the church we picked best prom king and queen and they were given crowns made out of cardboard.

This was all timed and times were recorded when you got back to the church.  Once all the teams were back we judged the cakes and took the time prize off their score and prizes were given out.


Thanks J. Fleming for your input!!

I just want to thank you for sharing your “Amazing Race” activity.  WOW!  We did it last night as a combined activity.  The kids and leaders had a great time, the Spirit was there and I think the youth and leaders recognized the importance of the activity.  I tied it all together that sometimes our lives feel like we are on an amazing race – and service opportunities come at the least opportune times.  Then I tied in this year’s theme.  I am sending you a few of my handouts as well as the detour and roadblock activity I added.

J. Fleming YM President SLC Utah