Are you smarter than the Primary Children?


Are you smarter than the Primary Children?
If you’ve ever watched the TV show “are you smarter than a 5th grader” then you should have an idea how to play it in Primary. You can have a teacher play opposite a child, or you can have a couple of children play against each other. Please be very sensitive to the competition factor here. I personally am not going to even use points; there will be no winner or loser. I’ve played games before when we have tallied the total points as a group just to see how high of a number we can reach.
We played this in FHE and used white boards to write the answers on. They loved it! You can adjust the game to suit the needs of your Primary, of course.
Use your imagination and have fun with it!

I don’t know who to give the credit to for making this up. I don’t want to take the credit, of course. So if anyone know who and where this came from please let me know!

Thanks Liz (Thanks to Lisa C for passing it on to me)





Junior Primary

SunbeamBiologyComplete this phrase: “Jesus wants me for a …”Sunbeam (“Jesus Wants me for a Sunbeam” pg. 60)
SunbeamSeminaryMultiple choice:  Who receives revelation for the entire Church?a. your neighbor, b. you, c. the prophet d. Sister Leavitt
CTR 5MathMultiple choice:  1 man + 1 woman who are married in the temple + their children =a. An eternal family (“Families Can be Together Forever” pg. 188) b. a loud group, c. a mini-van load, d. your neighbors
CTR 5WoodshopWhat prophet was told to build a huge ship so his family wouldn’t drown in a flood?Noah (“Follow the Prophet” pg. 110)
CTR 6ScienceOn what day of the creation of the world did God rest?7th day
CTR 6GeographyTrue or False:  Lehi and his family had to flee from the city Jerusalem.True
CTR 7Social StudiesMultiple choice:  How does someone in Spain say “Happy Birthday?”a. Que le vaya bien, b. Feliz cumpleanos (“Feliz Cumpleanos” pg. 282), c. Hasta luego or d. Gracias
CTR 7Home EconomicsOn what day of the week should we prepare for Sunday?Saturday (“Saturday” pg. 196)
BonusName one group of people in the Book of Mormon.Nephites, Lamanites, Jaredites
BonusWhat is the Primary Theme this year?“I am a Child of God”

Senior Primary

CTR 8ScienceWhat happens to our wrongs when we are baptized?They are washed away (“When I am Baptized” pg. 107)
CTR 8Home EconomicsMultiple choice:  What should we do to our shoes on Saturday?a. Eat them, b. shine our shoes (“Saturday” pg. 196) c. hide them or d. Why do I need shoes on Sunday?
Valiant 9aBiologyEvery person on the earth is our spiritual brother or sister.  How can this be true?We are all children of Heavenly Father (“I am a Child of God” pg. 2)
Valiant 9bSeminaryMultiple choice:  Who lead the 2000 stripling warriors?a. Alma the Younger, b. Helaman (“Army of Helaman” pg. 172), c. Teancum or d. Moroni
Valiant 10WoodshopWhat prophet had to “molten” ore to make tools before he could build a boat?Nephi
Valiant 10GeographyIn the 10th Article of Faith it talks about Zion, the New Jerusalem, being built where?The American Continent
Valiant 11EnglishMultiple choice:  What language was the Book of Mormon Translated into English from?a. Reformed Egyptian, b. Spanish, c. Gobbly Gook or d. Pig Latin
Valiant 11Social StudiesSome are called to serve for 18 months, others are called to serve for 2 years, but all of us can be one now.  What is it?A member missionary
Valiant 12MathNoah’s ark was 300 cubits long.  If a cubit equals approximately 1 1/2 feet, approximately how long was the ark?450 feet
Valiant 12HistoryFinish this phrase from the title page:  The Book of Mormon….Another testament of Jesus Christ