Backwards Dinner
Backwards Dinner

Backwards Dinner

Backwards Dinner


Backwards Dinner 1

Backwards Dinner 2

This was a fun event, We had this as a combined activity with the Mia Maids and Teachers.


As you can see from the pictures above, we did things backwards and upside down, the tables are upside down and the chairs are on top of the tables. The table clothes were on the floor, the kids sat on the floor and ate dinner.

pdfBackwards_Dinner_Sign.pdf179.32 KB


We had the good old stand by, Spaghetti, salad bread and dessert. We of course had dessert first, then followed with the spaghetti, bread and salad.

We bought wooden spoons for them to eat with, and had them it out of cheap tin foil load pans.


We played some relay games.

Then we finished off  with name that tune. But I played the music backwards. I have included the music, ready for you to download and play.

Here are the songs  (all the songs in a zipped file make sure you unzip the file, or download one at a time below, it is a VERY large file it may take some time to download)

zipbackwards music.zip31.03 MB ALL SONGS IN A ZIP FILE



mp3bw called to serve.mp31.7 MB

mp3bw choose the right.mp32.44 MB

mp3bw choose the right way.mp31.2 MB

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mp3bw dare to do right.mp31.4 MB

mp3bw do as im doing.mp31.09 MB

mp3bw ducks in the pond quack a happy song.mp3776.75 KB

mp3bw feliz cumpleaos.mp31.07 MB

mp3bw follow the prophet.mp35.72 MB

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mp3bw head shoulders knees and toes.mp3216.75 KB

mp3bw hinges.mp3389.81 KB

mp3bw if youre happy.mp31.14 MB

mp3bw i hope they call me on a mission.mp3924.91 KB

mp3bw latter-day prophets.mp31.15 MB

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mp3bw the golden plates.mp3804.09 KB

mp3bw the wise man and the foolish man.mp31.29 MB

mp3bw when my mother calls me.mp3765.73 KB