Book of Mormon Fiesta Night

Thanks to Debbie for sharing this ides!

This activity was a big hit last night with our ward and left all of us in the AG happy we’d put so much work into it.
From 5-6:00 was games, trivia and competitions then from 6-7:00 was dinner and cleanup. The perimeter of the cultural hall was lined with booths for games, trivia and competitions with the center of the cultural hall setup with tables and chairs for when dinner started.
The first table everyone encountered upon entering the cultural hall had 25 Book of Mormon Trivia questions, Book of Mormon word search and a jar filled with pastel candy corn which they could guess the total number of candy corns in to win. Each person moving on from that table was given a “Warrior necklace” to wear the rest of the evening showing they’d passed the test of a warrior. The next table was setup with strips of a sheet that had been torn into 2″X 18″ wide strips
which they got to decorate with markers and then wear as a “warrior headband”. Next they entered the the “Warrior Arena” where they had 5 different games to play. Last they were selected as a member on one of the 6 BOM hero teams where they faced 3 competitions, each team was given a chocolate for playing and no one was a looser. Even our Bishop and his wife played in the competitions and had a blast! Our potluck dishes were all focused around food items that Indians, Mayans, Aztecs would have eaten.

  • Table #1 BOM trivia-word search & candy corn guess. On the wall behind the entrance table we posted 25 BOM trivia questions, on the table we laid out word search sheets with BOM related words (I used an online word search program that did it for me once I typed a list of words I wanted in the search), and a mason jar filled with pastel candy corn for them to try and win by guessing the total number of corn in it. We placed paper and pencils on the table for them to use in writing down their answers to the trivia questions (they held their answers until after dinner when I posted the answers next to the questions), and their number guess and name were written on small squares of paper we had lying next to the jar and they placed them in the box we’d decorated with Aztec type paper and made a slit in the top. (We’d written the total count of corn on the underside of the mason lid and opened it after dinner revealing the number to everyone and then checked the slips of paper with the guesses on them to see whose guess was closest) we awarded the jar of candy to the winner. Whether or not they did any of the events at the first table we gave them all their “Warrior” necklace to wear. (I again used my Print Artist program to print out small 1-1/2″ X 1-1/2″ Indian warriors with bow and arrow in hand on card stock paper. I cut them apart and placed them on 2″ X 2″ foam paper. Then I cut pieces of yarn long enough to fit over the head and tied the ends together forming the chain of the necklace and hot glued the little warrior pictures on foam to the necklaces.
  • Table #2 Hand bands. We piled the 100 + strips of sheet measuring 2″ X 18″ in the center of a round table and scattered markers around the bottom of the pile for the adults and kids to use in decorating their headbands. We’d already decorated one band with Indian type symbols and laid it on the table as an example for them to see.
  • Table #3. Indian Symbol Game. We took 6 assorted Indian symbols we found online and enlarged them to 5″ X 5″ and printed 2 each of them on card stock paper. We then mixed them up and laid them face down on the table. As groups came along to the table we let them play the game by each taking a turn turning over 2 cards trying to find a match. The one who found the most matches won.
  • Table #4. Rabbit chase game. We laid out a 2 duplicate mazes on the table and place a Ping-Pong ball, which represented their rabbit, at the end of the maze which they then had to blow through the maze to the other end of the table to win.
  • Table #5. Dart blowing. We took 5 boxes and placed them side by side with a higher number on each one for points to be given if their dart was blown into the box. Each player stood at the end of the table and blew a tooth pick through a drinking straw trying to get their dart into the highest numbered box (which was the ones farthest away from where the player stood). We found the little tooth picks with the colored paper ends worked best being blown through a straw.
  • Table #6. Great Warrior Hunting Game. We took one of the chalkboards on wheels and taped small stuffed animals all around on the front of it. Then one of the AG members let us use their sons 2 large sling shot toys that shoots small bean bag balls at the animals trying to hit one of them. Each animal was numbered with a score they achieved by hitting it with the smallest animals having the highest scores on them.
  • Table #7. Samuel on the Wall Game. Each player stood in front of the stage in the cultural hall and using a play suction set of bows and arrows shot at the 3 different sized “Samuels” made of Lego pieces sitting on the table to the back of the stage. BOM hero competitions We made 6 hand bands using poster board cut into 2″ X 18″ strips and labeled with the names of 6 BOM characters for the team captains of the teams to wear. As players arrived we assigned them to one of the six teams being sure each team had both children and adults on them.
  • Competition #1.Title of Liberty Challenge. Each captain was given a XL white T-shirt and a marker. They had to put the T-shirt on, sign their name on the right side of the shirt with the marker, then take the shirt off and pass it to the next team member who repeated the same thing and so on to the last team member. The team that all team members had worn and signed the right side of the shirt first were the winners.(This was hilarious as some would put the shirt on to then realize it was wrong side out and have to start over again.)
  • Competition #2. Stepping Stone River Crossing. Each team member received a paper plate to stand on with the caption have one extra plate which he laid down and moved onto once the start whistle was blown, the next team member in line stepped onto the plate the captain had stepped off of and so on down through the whole team with the last team member picking up the plate he’d stepped off of and passing it down the line to the captain who would then repeat the process again. The team captain had to be careful how far out he placed his “stepping stone” each time or the younger team members couldn’t reach the stone when they came to it.
  • Competition #3. Warrior Egg Hunt. Each team chose one adult on it and one child to play the parts of Llama and Warrior. The Llama was the adult and the Warrior was the child. The adult carried the child piggy back around the course so the child could lean down off his Llama and collect eggs for in his basket and then cross the finish line. Since Llama’s don’t have hands they weren’t allowed to pickup eggs. The fun in this game was that we laid out 5 eggs for each rider to collect but their baskets only held 4 so the fifth one kept falling out until the Warrior saw they’d have to just hold the 5th egg in hand and return on the Llama to the finish line. We used 3 sets of 5 plastic Easter eggs all in their own color so each team knew which color eggs were theirs to collect. Each team captain won a bag of chocolates which they passed out to all team members. We had someone at each game table to keep things moving along and we had a director for the final competitions. The rest of the attendees acted as cheer leaders to the teams.

Trivia questions & Answers

1. For what reason did Nephi return to Jerusalem twice at his Father’s request?
2. What group of wicked men did Alma the elder belong to prior to his conversion?
3. Who was the father of Mulek: Jeremiah, Zedikiah, or Corianton?
4. Who was the great Lamanite prophet that called the Nephites to repentance before the birth of the Lord?
5. Who was the wicked Lamanite King that was stabbed in his sleep by Teancum: Gadianton, Amalickiah, or Ammaron?
6. What group of wicked men in the Book of Mormon were organized into bands of robbers?
7. Who did Nephi have to kill in order to get the Brass Plates?
8. What son of a great prophet collaborated with the sons of Mosiah in an attempt to destroy the church?
9. Who did Mosiah appoint to be head of the church in Zarahemla: Alma, Benjamin, or Helaman?
10. What was a period of three days of darkness a sign of among the Nephites?
11. How many barges did the Jaredites build: 8, 16, or 20?
12. How long was Christ’s ministry among the Nephites?
13. Was Gideon a Nephite: warrior, king, or prophet?
14. Who was the spiritual leader of the Nephites when Jesus visited them?
15. From what tribe of Isreal did Lehi descend?
16. Was Amlici a: Nephite Judge, a wicked Nephite who wanted to be king, or a righteous Lamanite king?
17. Was Anti-Nephi-Lehi the name of: converted Lamanites, bitter enemies of the Nephites, or a group of rebellious Nephites?
18. Did the Nephites offer sacrifices to the Lord when he visited?
19. Where did Christ appear to the Nephites: in the land of Zarahemla, the land of Lehi-Nephi, or the land of Bountiful?
20. What king accompanied Ammon to Middoni to rescue the 3 sons of Mosiah: Benjamin, Lamoni, or Limhi?
21. Name the approximate date _ to the nearest 100 years _ that the Mulekites arrived on the American Continent?
22. I was named after my father. I fought against the true church as a young man until an angel appeared before me and told me to repent. Who am I?
23. Did the 3 Nephites who were spared death ever minister to any of the prophets in the Book of Mormon after the Savior’s departure?
24. What 2 sons were born of Lehi in the desert?
25. To whom did Nephi entrust the gold plates before his death?

Trivia Answers
1. To get the brass plates. Phi 3:7, 6:3
2. Priests of noah. Helaman 6:18
3. Zedekiah. Helam. 6:10
4. Samuel. Helam. 13:12
5. Amalickiah. Alma 47:35
6. Gadianton robbers. Helaman 6:18
7. Laban N 4, N3:4
8. Alma. Mosiah 27:8
9. Alma. Mosiah 25:19
10. Christ’s crucifixion. Helem. 14: 3, 4
11. 8. Ether 3:1
12. 3 days. III Nephi 26:13
13. Warrior. Mosiah 19:4
14. Nephi. III Nephi 7:23
15. Manasseh. Alma 10:3
16. Wicked nephite. Alma 2:2
17. Converted lamanites. Alma 24:5
18. Yes. III Nephi 9:19, 20
19. Bountiful. III Nephi 11:1
20. Lamoni. Alma 20:1
21. 600 bc. Dmb p. 327
22. Alma. Mosiah 27
23. Yes. Mormon 8:10, 11
24. Jacob & joseph. I Nephi 18:7
25. Jacob. Jacob 1:1