cabWHAT A FUN ACTIVITY, thanks to Andrea in my ward for this great idea! We hope we have given you enough information to make this a successful activity, but if you have any other questions please email me

It is a shame that gas is so EXPENSIVE because this game is so much fun! Remember to be aware that some might not want to drive because of the cost of gas! The kids had a great time, they loved it, I think this game can be used over and over again, just come up with new questions!

General Summary of game, more instructions below:

The following are instructions on how to plan a CASH CAB activity for your youth.  To make my explanation more understandable, I encourage you to go to YouTube and search for CASH CAB and watch an episode.  It is a game show on Discovery Channel.

A few days before the activity you need to make assignments for drivers and followers.  Because this was a summer activity and we didn’t expect all of our youth to attend,  I planned on 10 drivers (5 youth per car) and 10 followers.  Each car was given a number assignment 1 thru 10.  Also, each driver needs a partner to ask the questions.  The follower does not need a partner.  I enlisted the help of all the YW and YM leaders and also the Bishopric.  You will have to devise a plan to divide the youth into groups.  The game works best if you have a mix of boys and girls and older and younger youth in each group.  I numbered the youth’s hands with a marker 1 thru 10, over and over again.  Each number corresponded to a car number.  If you have a number 1 on your hand, then you rode in car number 1, and so on. the kids need to stay divided the way you have done it, make sure the driver’s check there hands, we had a car with only 2 Beehives in it, because the other kids choose to sneak into another car.

In the real show, they have a double or nothing VIDEO BONUS QUESTION that you play at the very end of the game.  They show a short DVD clip of something and then ask a question regarding the clip.  Right answer – double your money.  Wrong answer – lose it all!!  More details are included in the actual instructions. To pull this off, you will have to make sure that all your drivers have a DVD player in their car or have access to use a portable one.  Burn the DVD before hand and include with your list of instructions to give to each of your drivers a few days before the activity.  Because I didn’t take the time to make up a DVD,  I used what I called the PICTURE BONUS question at the end.  See instructions.  I made copies of a picture from my gospel art kit and then came up with a question to go with it.  I just attached the copy of the picture and question to the instructions that I handed out to my drivers.  I would definitely use the DVD  idea next time.  I just didn’t follow through with it this time around but it would add a fun element and keep it like the real show.  I think the youth would really enjoy it.

When the youth all gather back at the church they can choose to spend their money however they would like.  This is what I did:

FREE – a dish of ice cream (even the kids that get kicked out and come back with nothing or the ones that play the double or nothing question at the end and lose it all)

$10 – sprinkles

$10 each – chocolate syrup, strawberry syrup, Carmel

$25 – bananas

$25 – gummy bears

$25 – M&M’s

$25 a scoop – Oreo cookie crumbles

$50 – chopped nuts

$50 – whipping cream

To print the following instructions and questions click here

pdfcash_cab.pdf1.95 MB

Full detailed instructions and Questions:

Items to remember:

List of questions (attached)

Each driver needs a partner to read the questions

Drivers and Followers need to exchange cell phone numbers

Cell phone

Pen or pencil

Watch with a second hand or ability to count second intervals

Play money

Noise maker/silly string/confetti/megaphone (anything you are willing to use in your car to surprise the youth when they get into the CASH CAB)

Please bear with me as I indulge myself with explaining things detail by detail.

I am at the mercy of each of YOU to make this activity really great for the youth. Its success and the amount of fun the youth have really depends upon how much you put into it. So let’s have some fun!!

PLEASE, PLEASE – I encourage you to watch an episode of the CASH CAB so you can see how it really works. I am trying to keep this as close to the real show as possible. If you see the actual show, then you will be that much more successful. It is on Discovery channel but the easiest and most convenient way to watch is to go to YouTube and search for CASH CAB. That way you can watch when you have a spare minute. I know, I know – you are asking “what spare minute???” As you can see from the real show, this is not a race and you are not trying to get through the questions as fast as you can. As a matter of fact, getting through all the questions is not the object of the game. Read the questions slowly and clearly. Feel free to use dramatic effect with your response to their answers – pause, heavy sigh, sorry looks, snapping your fingers in an “oh so close” kind of way. You get the picture. : ) Are you having fun reading this yet???

First, each driver needs a partner to read the questions. Each driver will have a FOLLOWER car assigned to them as well. As you will see in the show, after three strikes or three wrong answers, the passenger(s) are kicked out of the CASH CAB and left to find another cab ride. I could have left out this element but it wouldn’t be as fun. So, for the sake of our activity, I came up with the FOLLOWER. This car will follow the driver so that if the youth get three strikes and get kicked out, the follower will be right there to pick them and bring them back to the church. This is why the driver and follower need to exchange cell phone numbers. Driver can call follower to alert them that the youth just struck out. This is important!! I don’t want any youth left on the side of the road without being picked up immediately. (I know you are all rolling your eyes and saying “OBVIOUS!!” but again, bear with me.

We are not giving the youth any clues as to what the activity might be. The surprise element is what will contribute to the fun! As the youth gather on Wednesday, I will write a number on each hand 1-10. Their number will represent which car they will ride in. Each driver will have a number assigned to them (1-10). You will gather your group and head out to your cars. Once everyone is inside, buckled up and settled, you will surprise them by announcing “YOU ARE IN THE CASH CAB”. Use whatever surprise maker you want (noise maker/silly string/confetti) to shower your players with. Explain the game (I have a sample attached at the end of these instructions) and then you are free to leave the church. Make sure your FOLLOWER is behind you. You can drive whatever route you want. Plan to drive out about 10 minutes or so and then return for a total of 20 – 25 minutes.

OBJECT: To earn as much cash as possible by answering general knowledge questions. Most are church related, a few are not. Bring back your cash to the church and buy some awesome items. Whatever amount the group wins will be split between each player in the group. It is possible to lose everything and end with nothing.

QUESTIONS: The questions are divided into dollar values. There are six $25 questions, six $50 questions and six $100 questions (a little different from the real show). Start with the first $25 question and work your way through the list. CIRCLE the ones they get correct and then mark their total $$ amount at the end of each section. Only let them spend a max of about 20 – 30 seconds on each question.

STRIKES: They are only allowed three strikes (or wrong answers). Keep track of those at the top of the paper with a big “X” (see attached page). After three strikes they are out and lose all the cash they have won up to that point. They must exit the car to be picked up by the follower. The follower will bring the kids directly back to the church and the game is over for them. Again, I realize I could have left out the “getting kicked out” part out of the game. But I just didn’t think it would be as fun to have the drivers say “Okay, that’s three strikes. Game over. Now I’ll drive you back to the church.”

RED LIGHT CHALLENGE question (listed at the end of the questions): This is worth the most money. You can play this at whatever red light you want. It doesn’t have to be the first light but it can only be played once. Getting this question wrong or not completing it in time, does not take away any money and does not give them a strike. It only gives them extra money if they get it correct. Because a wrong answer doesn’t count against them, encourage the group to shout out all possible answers they can think of until they have reached the required amount or time is up.

SHOUT OUTS: In the event that the youth do not know the answer to a given question, they are given two shout outs. One is a street shout out and the other is mobile shout out. In the real game, a street shout out is where the driver pulls over and the players can ask someone on the street for help. I’m not too comfortable using this in our activity as our questions are mostly all church related and I don’t think it is very safe. So instead, we will offer TWO mobile shout outs. If they choose to do a mobile shout out, please offer them your phone. They can call anyone they think may be able to help them come up with the right answer. A parent, a leader, a friend, etc. Once they ask the question to the person on the other end of the phone, remember the time limit to give you an answer. Keep track of shout outs on the top of the paper (see attached page). Remind them to use them wisely.

PICTURE BONUS question: Once you arrive back at the church (this only applies to groups that did not get kicked out with three strikes), tell the group how much money they have won. They are welcome to take the cash and leave with what they got or they can risk it all and go double or nothing with the PICTURE BONUS question. If they miss the bonus questions – they leave with nothing. They must give you a decision to take the money and walk or risk it all before you give them the bonus question. If they choose to take the money and walk – give the group their winnings and they must divide it equally among the group. If they choose to risk it all, this is how it goes – explain that you will show them a picture that has gospel significance. You will ask a question regarding that picture and they must give you an answer within 20 – 30 seconds (each driver can decide on all these time limits). If they are correct, you double their winnings and divide it among the group. If they are wrong, they lose it all.

(a sample introduction and explanation to say to the youth once you have them in your car and are ready to head out)

****Noise makers, silly string, confetti – whatever you want, just make it fun!****

You’re in the CASH CAB!!

It’s a game show that takes place right here in our car. We will ask you general knowledge questions on our drive. Most are church related questions, a few are not. If you get stumped, you can SHOUT OUT for help on our cell phone. But you are only allowed TWO shout outs, so use them wisely!!

As long as you continue to answer questions correctly, you will win cash all along the way. But, as the game goes – there is a catch. If you get three wrong answers, that’s three strikes and you are out! That means we pull over and kick you out on the spot. And not only that, but you lose all your money and the game is over for you!

Those are the rules – so what do you say?? Do you wanna play!!!

Here are the question:

STRIKES: ___ ___ ___ MOBILE SHOUT OUTS: ___ ___

$25.00 questions:

1. How many apostles are there in the Quorum of the Twelve?

A. 12

2. Name two rebellious sons in the Book of Nephi.

A. Laman and Lemuel

3. Who won American Idol this year and last year?

A. David Cook and Jordin Sparks

4. Finish this scripture: “When ye are in the service of your fellow beings,

ye are only __________________.”

A. in the service of your God

5. What was the slogan on Napoleon’s t-shirt when his friend ran for class President?

A. Vote for Pedro

6. What year did Joseph Smith receive the First Vision?

A. 1820

TOTAL CORRECT _____ = $ _____

$50.00 questions:

1. According to the 13th Article of Faith, there are six character traits we believe in. What are they?

A. honest, true, chaste, benevolent, virtuous and in doing good to all men.

2. Where was the first temple built in this dispensation?

A. Kirkland, Ohio

3. Who sings the song “Apologize”?

A. One Republic

4. Who were the three witnesses of the Book of Mormon

A. Oliver Cowdery, David Whitmer, Martin Harris

5. When you breath in, you breath in oxygen. When you exhale, you exhale what?

A. Carbon Dioxide or CO2

6. What year did the pioneers first enter the Salt Lake Valley?

A. 1847

TOTAL CORRECT _____ = $ _____

$100.00 questions:

1. Name three of the four Sons of Mosiah.

A. Ammon, Aaron, Omner, Himni

2. Name one of the two places in the scriptures where the sacrament prayers are found.

A. Book of Moroni and D&C 20

3. What actor played the voice of the donkey in the Shrek movies?

A. Eddie Murphy

4. Where is the city of New Jerusalem to be built?

A. Jackson County, Missouri

5. Name two starting pitchers for the Diamondbacks.

A. Brandon Webb, Dan Herron, Doug Davis, Micah Owings, Randy Johnson

6. How many years did President Hinckley serve as our prophet?

A. acceptable answers 12 or 13 years (March 12, 1995 to Jan. 27, 2008)

TOTAL CORRECT _____ = $ _____

Red Light Challenge = $200 Because a wrong answer doesn’t count against them, encourage the group to shout out all possible answers they can think of until they have reached the required amount of correct answers to win the money or the 30 second time limit is up.

Name 13 of the 16 latter day Prophets (30 seconds):

____Joseph Smith

____Brigham Young

____John Taylor

____Wilford Woodruff

____Lorenzo Snow

____Joseph F. Smith

____Heber J. Grant

____George Albert Smith

____David O. McKay

____Joseph Fielding Smith

____Harold B. Lee

____Spencer W. Kimball

____Howard W. Hunter

____Ezra Taft Benson

____Gordon B. Hinckley

____Thomas S. Monson

PICTURE BONUS QUESTION: Before they see the picture or hear the question, they must give you an answer whether they will take the money and walk or risk it all and play for double or nothing. Explain that you will show them a picture that has gospel significance. You will ask a question regarding that picture and they must give you an answer within 20 – 30 seconds (each driver can decide on all these time limits). If they are correct, you double their winnings and divide it among the group. If they are wrong, they lose all their winnings.


While translating the gold plates, Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery learned about baptism for the remission of sins. They went in the woods to ask Heavenly Father about baptism. As they prayed, an angel appeared to them and conferred the Aaronic Priesthood upon them. What was the angel’s name? (answer: John the Baptist)