Daily Challenge (during a school break)

Daily Challenge (during a school break)

Fall break is upon us here in AZ, so here is something you could give to your kids, youth or Adults in your ward, pick and choose which one’s would work for the group you are giving this challenge to. Then count how many days are in the break and edit it below

Choose one challenge every day of fall break. Fall break will last 9 days, therefore, choose 9.


Read scriptures every day

Write in your journal daily

Pray on your knees twice a day

Read from the Scriptures daily

Complete your “I’m a Mormon” profile

Go to a temple/visitor center

Talk to someone non-LDS about the church

Invite someone to a  church event

Participate in a wholesome family recreational activity.

Do a Random act of service.

Write a Family History Goal and execute part of it.

Listen to or Watch a Conference talk of your choice.

Spend 15 minutes on the Youth.lds.org or LDS.org website.

Study the Sunday School Lessons for the next 2 weeks

Read the months Visiting/Home Teaching Teaching Message, so you can ponder it before you teach it.

Read your Patriarchal Blessing

Write to a missionary.

Help your Child complete one Duty to God or Personal Progress or Faith in God requirement.

Review Old Testament Scripture Mastery key words and phrases.

Complete one Duty to God or Personal Progress