Etiquette night

Etiquette night

Here are some ideas that were shared!

 Why does an etiquette activity need to involve elaborate food (other than getting the YM there) or a dinner?  What about having a “party” like on “Who’s Line is it Anyway”, with the leaders having etiquette “quirks”?  It will be up to the kids to figure out what the quirks are, and how to fix them.  You can involve refreshments with “party food” like chips, dip, Sprite, etc. to keep it simple.  Also, with the quirks, you can give the assignments to the YM presidency AT the activity, so they can concentrate on getting the YM there.

Quirk Ideas:
“Always has to talk over people’s conversations”
“Eats food off other’s plates”
“Doesn’t listen”
“One-up Champion of the world”
“Makes messes and leaves them”

Have fun with it!


We called it “Tacky or Classy” We did invitations for the boys.  The room and tables were divided into tacky (plastic tablecloths, and every mismatched leftover birthday party paper plates and utensils, centerpieces were random ugly silk flowers in empty oatmeal cans, formula cans etc.) and classy (real tablecloths, actual dinnerware, silverware, stemware, roses for centerpieces).   They served themselves dinner and chose a place to sit (boy/girl). After dinner we played the game I pasted below family feud style where one person from each side (tacky/classy) came to the front to buzz in for the answer and everyone got a turn.  After that we played tacky or classy where everyone had 2 cards one that said tacky and one that said classy. I read a statement about not just table etiquette and everyone held up which card it was.  I don’t seem to have the list but they were things like: The phone is for your mom and you yell “Mom!!!” upstairs.  (Tacky)   You write thank you notes promptly after receiving a gift (classy)   Having any underclothing hanging out of your clothes (Tacky)   Being the first one to jump up after the meal is done and clear the table (classy) etc.

Etiquette night

1. Spell “Etiquette”

2. What does “RSVP” stand for?
A: Repondez s’il vous plait or please reply

3. Putting your elbows on the table while eating is considered good manners True or False                    A: False

4. You should place your knife and fork across the top of your plate when you are finished eating True or False
A: True

5. Which of these foods should you NOT eat with your fingers?
French fries
Corn on the cob

C Things that are ok to eat with your fingers are: artichokes, bacon, cookies, corn on the cob, chips, fried chicken, hamburgers, hors d’oeuvres, pickles, nuts, deviled eggs,
sandwiches, small fruits and berries on a stem.

6. When rolls are served, you should cut it in half and Butter the whole thing. True or false.
A. False. You should tear off a small piece and butter only that small piece before eating.
Take a pat of butter and put it on your plate.

7. When dipping your spoon into soup, the proper technique is to move the spoon toward your body.
True or False
False. You should scoop away from your body. It is acceptable to tilt the bowl away from you when trying to eat the last few spoonfuls You should sip the soup from the side of the soup spoon not put the whole spoon in your mouth.

8. It is customary to wait to eat until the host or hostess has begun to eat True or False.
A: True

9. If someone at the table asks to “Please pass the salt” it is o.k. to salt your own food before passing it. True or False.
False. The same is true for any other food or drink that someone has asked for.
Also, pass the salt and pepper together.

10. If you have taken a bite of something which you don’t want to swallow you should:

a. Spit it onto your plate
b. Spit it into your napkin
c. Excuse yourself and spit it out in the garbage
d. Pretend to sneeze and spit it into your hands


11. Before the meal starts you should place your napkin on your lap. True or False.
12. Which is the way to NOT gross out the other people at the table.

a.Talk with your mouth full
b.Dig around to try to get something out of your Teeth
c. lean across your neighbor to reach the food
d. shovel food in your mouth and finish before everyone else.
e. Use your shirt or arm as a napkin
f. Chew with your mouth closed and no noise.

A: f

Extreme food games

We will be dividing the group into 6 teams. The teams will have 2 teams members participate in each game for their teams. Some of the games will involve the entire team. Here are some of the games we have in mind:

Pie eating contest

Donut on a string: A cake donut tied to a string then dipped in chocolate syrup. 1 person lies on the ground, (plastic trash bag covering their clothes) while their teammate holds the donut on a string above them, the team that eats the entire donut first wins

Marshmallow gun shoot: each team will have a marshmallo gun and marshmallow’s. One member will be the target. They will cover their clothes with a plastic trash sack and wear some kind of eye protection. The other members of their team will take turns shooting their moist marshmallow at their teammate it should stick. Object is to see how many you can stick to your teammates trash sack.

Sucker on a string: Each team will line up in a row. The will be given a sucker tied to a string. They then have to feed the string and sucker through the clothes of each member on their team. ( top of shirt through the pants and out the leg- up leg and shirt of next teammate etc.)

Ice cream feed: 1 person from the team will be lying on the ground wearing a plastic trash sack. The other team member will run with a bowl and fill it with ice cream. The will then stand on a chair above their teammate and drop the ice cream onto the other team member. The team that can consume the most ice cream wins.

We will score points to the winner of each game. The team with the most points wins. We are probably going to do this outside because of all the mess.

Kathy Van Dusen

Video Etiquette

Divide the youth up in to smaller groups, give them a topic and have them go and video tape them acting out that “Etiquette rule” Such as:

How to act at the table

Phone Etiquette

How about cell phone Etiquette, don’t use a church, when to answer when not to, texting etc.


How to act at church