Fear Factor

Fear Factor


Our Priests did this for a combined activity some months back. First you divide the people into teams. Each has a flag, and when they move from room to room they all have to be holding onto the flag and NO TALKING to the other teams they pass in the hallway.  Team
members volunteer for the different rooms obviously rarely knowing what the task will be.  If they refuse to complete it, no tokens are awarded the team for that task.

  1. In one room the activity was to search a plate of green spaghetti noodles with their face to find like 5 coins in the spaghetti, and push the coins off the plate. There was a time limit to complete this. Each member of the team who completed this got a token for their team.

2. A team member had to have a real live snake on the back of neck without moving for one whole minute while being blindfolded. (A person in our ward had tow boas and brought it in for this activity. He was very worried about the snakes being harmed or scared)

3. The other activity in that room was you had to stand on a chair with your back to the men standing there to catch you. the team member had to fall back and believe they were going to be caught. (they had mats, just in case they dropped you but they had at least 5 men waiting to catch you. )

4. Another activity – they had 4 or 5 of those big foam puzzle pieces (depending on the number on the team), and the whole team was supposed to cross the room (to the tape line they put there) and you couldn’t touch the floor and you could only have 3 FEET on each
puzzle piece at a time, the rear puzzle piece had to be moved to the front when no one was on it.  All had to get across like that, if the team accomplished the task without any mistakes they got 2 tokens for the team.

5. In a huge Rubbermaid storage container,  was water with enough potting soil to make it cloudy and dirty looking, and I think a few worms, and a few other things (be creative) there were a number of coins, (team members had to find two) you had to put your hands in it and feel around for 2 coins then you could wash your hands, and each person who completed this task got a token for their team.

6. Food -They had 3 choices, all covered so you couldn’t see them, and by each they had a can of whatever it looked like.  One was some type of canned chili stuff, but it was a thick kind so it looked like dog food, so they had a can of dog food.  The team member had to
take a spoonful of it and turn around so no one could see it, eat it, and swallow it, then leave the room  Two was “kitty litter cake” someone got a new kitty litter box,  and crumbled A LOT of cookies in it to make it look like the litter ( I think it was on top of some type of pudding) and then they got tootsie rolls to look like the poop (you roll it a little and make them pointed at the ends), and you were supposed to get a spoonful and eat it and swallow it.  Three was baby food without the labels, I can’t remember what they called it, but it was the carrots and peas, I think.  As each one was used the other team members only got to choose from the items not used for that team.  Each member that ate it got a token.

7. The other activity was in a room with 2 dividers, in the first section, they blindfolded two people and took them back, one person just went to the next room, where there were things you had to eat that didn’t go well together, you had to eat sour gummie worms and then suck on a slice of orange (I think there was something else too) and then they had to drink a little cup of vinegar.

8. In the next room someone took the blindfold off to show them a board with a lot of sharp nails sticking out of it, the person is to put ankle weights on and then put the blindfold back on, lay down on their back, and for 30 sec. they are to hold their feet above this board without dropping their feet or it would hurt.  (the board was removed from under their feet just in case they drop them, and then at the end of the time limit, the person in charge of that activity, pushes their legs down to make them think they will hit the board
when it’s really just carpet.

Then after every team had been to every station, they all meet up and the tokens are counted to see who the winning team is.

First, they divided the entire group into teams and each team had to choose one pair to participate in a race as follows:  One team member was blindfolded and one was not.  The non-blindfolded team member sat on a skateboard and the blindfolded team mate had to push the person on the skateboard through a “slalom-type” course in the cultural hall.  Each team had their own course with the same number of flags.  The non-blindfolded person told the blindfolded person to speed up or slow down, turn right or left, etc. as the non-blindfolded person picked up flags that were taped to the floor.  The first team to finish was given 5 points, the second team got 3 and the last team got 1 point.  That’s how the scoring went for each activity.  The next event was an eating event that required each team to choose a brown paper bag containing items to be blended into a shake.  One bag had a cheeseburger and fries, one had oysters, and one had something else that I don’t recall (spinach or something like that).  All of the blenders had an equal amount of milk and ice in them.  When the teams opened their bags, they chose a team member who hadn’t yet competed, and when all of the shakes were blended, each competitor had to drink their shake.  Scoring was the same as previously noted…5 points for first, 3 for second, and 1 for last.  The next event was another eating activity and the youth had to choose from individual paper bags containing canned foods from an Asian market (foods that were very foreign to them).  There might have been another event but I don’t remember what it was!  Anyway, it was lots of fun and the youth really seemed to enjoy it.  Oh yeah, one more thing…My husband’s business is near a very famous skateboard company in San Diego and that company donated t-shirts, sweatshirts, sweatbands, decals, etc. for prizes.  The kids liked that a lot too!  Sue