For the Strength of the Youth Booklet Activity

For the Strength of the Youth Booklet Activity

For the Strength of the Youth Booklet Activity

DOCTRINE is the scripture or quote from the Proclamation at the very top of the page.

Next to it write: “This is the Doctrine”

STANDARD is the first sentence in the 3rd Paragraph (pg 26) of the Standard Sexual Purity.

We colored or underlined it and wrote by it: “Why …we live this standard. …we teach this standard” The answer is that we teach it because it is the doctrine, and the doctrine comes from God.  It is from our doctrine that we get our standards.  Draw an arrow from the standard to the doctrine


We underlined, circled or colored all of the do’s and don’ts we could find on page 27.  There are two do’s (treat your date with respect and stay in areas of safety)


Throughout the second and third paragraphs on page 26 there are either positive or negative consequences.  In the margin we wrote a –c for negative consequences and a +C for positive consequences by them – you can also underline them if you want.


We looked for the “If I do…then…” part of the standard.  At the beginning of the second paragraph, pg 26, cross out “When you” and write “IF I”.  Next change the “you /yourself” to “I” or “me” throughout the paragraph.


It is found in the last paragraph pg 28, “You can find inner peace and have the full companionship of the Spirit.” This also ties in with the “If, then…” principle.

Every Sunday as we take the Sacrament we are reminded of how we qualify for the Spirit by doing three things

  1. We are willing to take upon ourselves the name of Jesus Christ
  2. We will always remember Him
  3. We will keep His commandments

This is living the standards:  IF we do these things, THEN we will always have His spirit to be with us

For the Strength of the Youth

teaches specific ways to qualify for guidance of the Spirit

Go through the entire booklet with this process.  It helps us understand “Why”

To help the young women live the standards, we need to be a good example, remind them… expose them to positives and compliment them.