Fun games

Fun games


Broom hockey — Our stake has played this both in the cultural hall as well as at an ice-skating rink.

Missionary Tag or Friendship Tag

Choose one youth to be “it” and one youth to be “chased”  All the other youth must link arms with just one other youth.  The “chased” youth runs from “it” and is safe once he/she links arms with another youth, causing three youth to be linked.  The youth on the other side of the threesome must then unlink arms and be chased by “it” until he/she can link with another youth or gets caught, in which case she is now “it” and the one who was chasing is now being chased. 

Pictionary Relay Race
Split the youth into two groups (10 each).  Have word cards for each team – ready to show. The youth must relay race to the opposite end of the room to read the word, then relay race back to their group to draw a picture of the word and get their group to guess the word from their drawing. Once it is correctly guessed, the next youth in the line races down to see the word, then races back to the group and draws, etc… until all of the pictures are successfully guessed.  The first group to finish is the winner.

Rabbit Run
The more the merrier in this elimination game.
Here’s how you play.
Choose one person to be the caller and another to be a rabbit without a house. Divide the rest of the players (you’ll need at least nine) into groups of three.  Two people in each group hold hands to create a hutch, and the third person (a rabbit) steps inside.  When the caller shouts “Find a hutch!” all rabbits (including the one without a hutch) run to find a new hutch.  The rabbit left without a hutch becomes the new caller, and the former caller starts the next round as the extra rabbit.