List of Creative Activities

Your Very Own List of Creative Activities
1. What Kind of Man do you want to Marry?
2. Crazy Olympics
3. Murder Mystery Dinner
4. Make inexpensive holiday tray favors for hospitals or nursing homes
5. New Era Super Bowl
6. Missionary- Have RM’s share experiences
7. Miniature Golf
8. New Era Heart Quest
9. FTSOY Jeopardy
10. Family Feud (Two set of Questions)
11. The Great Turkey Shoot
12. Caring Cans
13. Make a Video From a Scripture Story
14. Make a Mormon Ad Night
15. Article of Faith Bar Activity
16. Video Scavenger Hunt
17. Scripture Basketball and Treasure Hunt
18. Carnival of Life Activity (two different Versions)
19. Bunko
20. Who can Find a Virtuous Woman (A Mall Scavenger Hunt)
21. Hollywood Squares
22. Bubble Party, Water Balloon Toss, Rain Gutter Regatta
23. Clue
24. Scripture Dodge Ball and Pizza and games
25. Service Ideas
26. Scripture Comprehension Balloon blow up and Find the scripture reference game
27. Life Sized Monopoly (3 Different Versions)
28. Passing Of Our Insecurities
29. Make up a Line Dance
30. Fun Halloween Activity.. Treasure Photo Hunt (Pumpkin Carols Behind)
31. Another Halloween Photo Hunt i.e…. group by head stone prior to 1900
32. Easter Egg Hunt for Primary
33. Personal Progress Dinner Night & Movie Night
34. Double Dare
35. Grandparent Activity
36. Pinewood Derby
37. High Chairs A race based on questions from the New Era
38. PJ’S Party Prayer Journal Scriptures
39. Retirement Center Record Histories
40. Try on Modest Wedding Dresses
41. Book Of Mormon Night
42. Hymn and Her Pit Stop (Music Race in cars)
43. YW/YM Genealogy Activity
44. Book of Mormon Readathon and Play
45. LDS Game of Life (Disk with Squares ect..)
46. Youth Games
47. Being Chaste while Being Chased Creative dating ideas, proper dating, avoiding Satan’s Lures
48. Read children’s stories and record, give to hospital
49. Plane Crash Activity
50. Basket, Balls & Boxes
51. Missionary Teaching Activity
52. Time Capsule Activity
53. Family Activity Night
54. Find That Headstone (Do headstone rubbing and create a story on their life)
55. Mini Roadshow night
56. Picnic in the park
57. Unbirthday Party
58. Another Missionary Night … Learn to bear a simple testimony in another Language.
59. Learn to cook a foreign food from a return missionary
60. Bring Your Favorite Music Night
61. Celebrate All The Holidays in One Night
62. Frisbee Golf
63. Make frozen meals to give to sick ward members
64. Swim Party
65. Have a creative dating idea night – share ideas
66. Bring Your Hero Doll Night
67. Water Tag (Like Laser Tag)
68. Plunger Baseball
69. Frisbee Bowling
70. Human Foosball
71. Mix Up Dinner Party.. Mystery Dinner (variations behind)
72. Senior Night, Old Kid Games, AND Bigger& Better Scavenger Hunt
73. The Making Of A Hero
74. Water Combined Activities: Water Brigade, Water Volleyball, Water Kickball
75. Have a “Tacky” Party
76. Ice Cream Articles of Faith Night
77. How to tie dye
78. List of Possible Sites for Random Photo night
79. Getting to know you activity
80. Join our Circle
81. Make Packages for Missionaries
82. Super Sat Activities
83. Service Project Ideas… (more ideas behind)
84. Human Checkers
85. Lets Make a Deal (Halloween Activity)
86. Scripture Skit Night
87. Roommate Newly Wed Game
88. Mexican Fiesta …
89. Clean the building
90. Make ice cream in a bag
91. Temple Service … Poem and Kisses on cars
92. Skit Night, Turning Fairy Tales into Spiritual Tales
93. Conference Bowl
94. Making Bath Salts
95. Personality Color Testing
96. Natural Facials
97. Life Sized Scrabble
98. Life Sized Battleship
99. Indoor Olympics
100. Halloween Caroling
101. Mix Up Valentines Day
102. Power of Social Rules
103. Pig Personality Profile
104. Communication Game.. The Looker
105. Where’s Moroni
106. Missionary Survey
107. Duster Hockey
108. Swinging Good Time
109. Charlotte’s Web and Wilbur Days
110. Celestial Basketball
111. Etiquette Dinner Ideas
112. Mix Up Dinner with Scripture References
113. Scripture Study Activity
114. Sound Rally
(These ideas were originally created for YM and YW.  They could be modified for adults or college students Activity Ideas (While these were created with YW in mind, they can
be adapted to college wards)

1. Go snorkeling in a pool
2. Random Photo night, … who can take the best creative photo
3. Pumpkin Carving Contest and Hayride
4. Pool Party
5. Video Night
6. Car care night
7. Learn a new type of dance night
8. In the Winter .. have a Beach Party… Lawn chairs, volleyball, dress in Beach Style clothes, make sand castles with sugar cubes etc.
9. Have a career night
10. Bowling (variation cosmic bowling)
11. Learn to tie dye T-shirts
12. Fashion Show
13. Go to a Play
14. Golden Rec.. Rock climb or Swim
15. Homework night/pizza night
16. Learn to Make Jam
17. Make photo Albums
18. Learn to scrap book
19. Play water kick ball. Bases baby pools, slip and slide into home (use blow up baby pools … tarp and dish soap maybe used for slip and slide)
20. Go Ice Blocking (ground needs to be very hot)
21. Wash car windows at the Temple
22. Learn Self Defense
23. Have Spanish Ward youth teach us how to dance to Salsa Music
24. Ice Skating / Roller skating
25. Have a Disco Dance
26. Learn to Ballroom dance
27. Help with Habitat for Humanity
28. Serve dinner/clean Ronald McDonald House
29. Clean Church
30. Winter time tubing (sledding)
31. Service Scavenger Hunt
32. Go Christmas Caroling in July
33. Bake cookies and send with Letters to the missionaries
34. Visit FHC
35. Go to Temple and do Family File Names
36. Do testimony Blast off.. Write testimonies put in Balloons and fill with Helium and Launch
37. Write Testimonies in a Book of Mormon and Give to Missionaries
38. Invite the Missionaries to talk about serving a mission (If Sister missionaries available do splits)
39. Water balloon Volleyball
40. Have someone teach about makeup and hair
41. Have a calligraphy Demonstration..
42. Play Basketball.  Men  tie one hand behind their back.
43. Have a progressive dinner (variation perform service in between courses)
44. Make Friendship Bracelets
45. Have a Lamanites / Nephite Fight. Tie balloons around youth ankles. Everyone tries to stomp and pop the balloons.
46. Learn to cook a foreign dish
47. Have a dinner in the Back of a UHAUL Truck… music candles etc. FUN!
48. Music Appreciation Night
49. Capture the Flag
50. Flashlight Tag
51. Service Cookie Scavenger Hunt… Perform a service get an ingredient. go back to church and make cookies.
52. Game Night
53. Tying a Quilt
54. Color Coding
55. Snow Shoe
56. Horseback riding
57. Frozen Turkey Bowling (Need wood gym floor)
58. Target Shooting
59. Lets make a deal… ( Put three activities in envelopes and pick and envelope and do that activity)
60. LDS Pictionary (variation use finger paints no pencils)
61. Put on Carnival at Local Hospital
62. Water-skiing/Jet skiing
63. Rafting
64. Secret Date night for Laurel Class (each girl draws a name of class mate and sets them up with a YM from ward or Stake.. Date knows who they are being set up with but Laurel doesn’t.. Eat a picnic lunch and then go ice blocking or Tubing)
65. Adopt a family and 12 days of Christmas them (doesn’t have to be Christmas!)
67. Go to Bishops storehouse and can or dry pack
68. Prepare and carryout a Heart Attack
69. Service Project Women make desserts and Men bid minutes not money.. Service to be Performed at a later date.
70. Help with Special Olympics
71. Help RS make quilts for the wards new arrivals
72. Paint and Wallpaper a shelter.
73. Air Hockey Tournament
74. Broom Stick Hockey
75. Rock Climbing
76. PLAY…Who wants to be a Celestialaire