List of other ideas for Joint Activities

List of other ideas for Joint Activities


1. Human Foosball

2. Capture the flag

3. PJ night

4. Mystery night

5. Water Balloon volleyball

6. Homemakers race

7. Mission night

8. Video scavenger hunt

9. Sound Scavenger hunt- tape recorder and record things off a list most sounds wins.

10. New Years Party

11. Genealogy Work lesson

12. Sing carols at the nursing home

13. Book of Mormon battles

14. Bethlehem Experience

15. Ice skating

16. Bowling

17. Swimming

18. Etiquette night

19. Unlimited freebie

20. Mystery dinner

21. Missionary tag

22. Food baskets

23. Time warp party- time period and everyone comes dressed as the people in those times would have and do activities as the people would have done in those days.

24. Skits

25. Balloon Volleyball

26. Costume ball

27. Ice blocking

28. Go to rope course

29. Spoons

30. Beach party

31. Movie night

32. Video Game night

33. Glow in the dark volleyball- with black lights and everything white glows or use glow in the dark and mark the boundaries and give everyone glow in the dark bracelets.

34. Date night- everyone draws names for pairs and goes on a dates to different rooms one room (movies, dinner, dance).

35. Capture the flag

36. Mix up day- young women with young men leaders and young men with young women leaders and do what the others do.

37. Food drives for the letters of the ABC and you have to get a item from each letter.

38. Karaoke

39. Broom hockey

40. Swing dance lessons

41. Caroling

42. Service scavenger hunt- (pump someone’s gas, give away a book of Mormon, Carry groceries in, clean a room in a members house, do another room in a members house, pull reads, and read a story to a child.)

43. A cookoff-2 teams and each team is give a bag of ingredients and told to bake a desert and the team with the best desert wins.


Parent Appreciation Breakfast-in-Bed (They dress in their jammies and have a breakfast dinner, while the youth entertain them).
Ultimate Frisbee (or Frisbee Golf)
FTSOTY or TTTF songfest

Ice blocking – find a park with a nice steep hill, buy the big blocks of ice have the kids bring a towel to sit on and have them race down the hill.  We have heats and so many winners advance and “crown” a winner (with a paper crown from burger king that we decorated).  This doesn’t take to long and then the kids just have fun.
Flour Sock War – Fill old socks with about a cup of flour, the kids have to wear dark clothes, separate them into two teams, when you get hit you are out.  We play at a park that has playground equipment, trees and bushes so it makes for great shelter.  We have the rule no aiming for the head.  We have played that the team with the most remaining after a period of time wins or the last man standing.  Use as many socks as you want, we had each kid bring 5 then they scavenge for the thrown ones and it makes it more fun.
Marshmallow Guns – Same thing as the flour socks just use the PVC guns and marshmallows.