A fun outdoor activity is a battle of the sexes relay race.  You set up two sides–girls on one, boys on the other.  Your course is set up of various things that typically either
girls are better at or boys are better at.  Some of the things we did were:

Station 1. Change a cloth diaper on a doll.

Station 2. Have two cars ready for them to have to pop the hood and find the battery,
the spark plugs, and the carburetor.

Station 3.  Have them paint someone’s finger nails or their own if they will, most YM won’t

Station 4. Tie a tie. etc. etc.

We did a total of 6 stations. Can do more or less depending on your #’s.  These are just
some ideas, you can do anything.  Kids get a kick out of this one.   I am doing this again, 1st time in this ward.  If you have any really great new Station ideas let me know.   —Sue Roquemore