Medieval Dinner

For our joint YW YM we had a medieval dinner.  We also invited the other ward that meets in our building with us.  The youth and their leaders were asked to dress in costume and it was a blast. We had to houses…  The house of Neville and the house of Osborne. (the bishops names) we had an etiquette lesson given and 4 long tables set on

each side of the gym, decorated to the top with all the rich colors, and place settings.  We had steins bought from garden ridge for 5cents each. There were candlesticks and grapes and flowing material to make you feel like you were in a castle. We had a castle made from cardboard.  We had a few games.  Arm wrestling from each house, the ladies had a contest who could walk with an apple balanced with a book on her head.  The feast was fit for a king.  We had chicken drum sticks because the turkey legs were too expensive, roast and potatoes, carrots, and loaves of bread, and pies.  They had to tear the bread apart with their hands.   We had carafs of half gingerale half apple juice.  It looked great.  The youth had a ball!