Missionary Obstacle Course

I’d do it in order…. iron the shirt, put it on, tie the tie, how about stuff a backpack, put it on and then ride the bike?  Get off the bike, get the scriptures out of the backpack, recite a scripture, put the scriptures back in the backpack, ride the bike, take the tie and shirt off.  Hang them up.  You could make quite the bike riding course, too.  Stop, turning, go around things, through water, whatever.

Leg 1 – the Wardrobe Challenge – from the box, select an appropriate missionary outfit – a pair of suit pants, a white shirt, and a tie.  When one person in the companionship is fully dressed, run to “Transfers” and pass the baton (A Book of Mormon).
Leg 2 – Transfers – one person gets on the bike or car, the other pushes.  Cross the gym to “Scripture Mastery” and pass the baton.
Leg 3 – Scripture Mastery – between the two of you, recite the Article of Faith of your choice.  Must be word perfect before you can run to “Choir Practice” and pass the baton.
Leg 4 – Choir Practice – Sing one verse of your favorite Primary song, then run to “P-day” to pass the baton.
Leg 5 –  P-day – shoot a basket to win!