Mock Track Meet

“Mock Track Meet” 

discus throw using paper plates
shot put using cotton ball
javelin throw- using straws
high jump using finger in ink pad and jump touching finger on paper
hurdles doing leap frog over your team

quarter vault -lay on the ground and put a quarter on their nose. The object was who could get eh quarter off their nose the fastest without the aid of hands or moving their heads. They could only wiggle their noses or blow.

We have playing indoor Olympics and
1.  100-MeterDash-alength of string with marshmallow strung 3 feet from the end is tied to the top of a chair for each team.  On the signal, each contestant chews up the string until he gets the marshmallow in his mouth. The first the reach the marshmallow wins.
2.  Discus Throw – A paper plate is given each contestant, who tosses it underhand as far as possible from a given starting line.  Only one person at a time should throw.
3.  High Jump – The difference is measured between how high a contestant can reach with one arm while standing and how high he can reach when he jumps. He makes a mark with a colored crayon on a sheet of butcher paper covering the wall.  Each contestant has a different color and gets two tries. Contestants compete one at a time.
4.  Mile Race – Each contestant is given a pop bottle.  On a signal to start, each one stoops down and spins his bottle on the floor.  The bottle that spins the longest wins.
5.  Javelin Throw – Each contestant is given a drinking straw with a paper cover on it.  He tears off one end of the cover and, standing at a common starting line, he puts the straw in his mouth and blows off the cover. The paper cover that goes the farthest wins.
6.  Broad Jump – Each contestant is brought up to a table and kneels or sits with his mouth at table level.  A feather is placed on the edge just in front of his mouth.  On a signal he has one blow to see how far he can send the feather.  If feathers are not available use a table tennis ball on the floor.  The one that travels the farthest wins.
7.  2-Mile Race – Each contestant lies flat on his back on the floor.  A coin is placed on his nose.  On a signal each contestant tries to wiggle the coin off his nose.  He may move his face in any way, but he may not move his head.  First coin off wins.
8.  Shot Put – Each contestant stands up to a line.  He is given a large balloon or cottonball.  On a signal he is to put his hand under or behind it and throw it as far as possible.  Any overhand throws is legal, but he may not hold onto it or grasp it where it is tied.  Farthest throw wins
9.  Pole Vault – Each contestant kneels with his hands on a line.  A bean bag is placed between his feet in back.  On a signal he is to grasp the bean bag with his feet, bend the knees quickly, and throw it forward over his head.  The farthest throw wins.  The leader may have to demonstrate how this is done.
10. Relay-The entire team is lined up one behind the other.  Each contestant puts a drinking straw in his mouth.  The first player holds a lifesaver on his straw.  On a signal to start, he turns around and transfers the lifesaver from his straw to the straw on the second person.  The lifesaver is passed from player to player in this manner to the end of the line.  The last player runs up to the head and transfers it back to the first player.  If the lifesaver is dropped, the team must get a new one and start over.