Musical Car Ralley

You divide into groups and assign car numbers. Each group gets a bag of items and a list of things to do, assign lists in different order so groups courses are different

Items:   roll of masking tape, red balloon, small flag, small bag of crackers, safety pin, tin can and string, book of mormon, pencil, paper and scissors

  1. Call _________ to report in.  Tell them the number of your car.  With lots of enthusiasm sing your favorite hymn over the phone.Hang red balloon on your car
  2. Drive to the nearest public place and everyone sign the Star Spangled Banner. Write down your location.  Tape the flag to the inside bottom right hand corner of window
  3. Find the nearest public place to lie down.  Lie down and Sing Oh what do you do in the summertime. Pick 4 blades of grass and tape to side window
  4. Go to nearest grocery store and march outside and sing Onward Christian Soldiers while eating crackers.  Attach empty bag to bumper
  5. Sing Book of Mormon Stories.  Decide on someone to give the Book of Mormon to.
  6. Go to a ward members home and sing There is Beauty all Around. Have that person cut a heart out of the scrap paper and sign it.  Pin it on your driver
  7. Go to bishops house and sing Shall the Youth of Zion  Falter.  The bishop will give you a treat.
  8. Go to a ward members house and sing Count Your Many Blessings.  Ask them for an item for the DI.  Have someone in the group donate their socks and tie to door handle
  9. Encircle a tree and sing Popcorn Popping.  Pick a dandelion or other weed and tape to car window
  10. Go to nearest park.  Sing Do As I am Doing with at least 5 different activities.  Tie the can to the bumper

11. Meet back at church