Random Acts of Kindness

The Fast Paced Action of the Amazing Race,

The Creative Survival Instincts of Survivor,

And the Life lessons of The Apprentice.


Do as many good deeds as you can in the allotted time

Here’s how it works:  The youth will be divided into teams by colors.  You should have 5 – 6 youth in your team.  After you have all found each other, you need to get together and have a quick brain storming session to come up with a plan and figure out what to do.  Try to help them come up with people that they wouldn’t normally think of that would appreciate being thought of (elderly, less active, single, etc.).  You have a bag of items to use and help you with ideas.  Here are the guidelines:

·         You need to stay together as a group

·         You can go anywhere in the stake boundaries – homes or public places

·         You earn points for each thing your team does – extra points if you actually talk to someone

·         Be creative, encourage teamwork, and have fun

·         If another team has already been there, you’re out of luck – move on

·         Be back at the church no later than 8:10

·        You can get 10 extra points if someone in your group shares an experience you had


Book of Mormon 50 pints
Read a story to a child. 5
Deliver treat to someone’s home
Leave note of appreciation
Vacuum a floor.
Empty a dishwasher of clean dishes and put the dishes away.
Clear off a table.
Put food away.
Put groceries away.
Wash 2 windows.
Clean out a fridge.
Sweep out a garage.
Mop a floor.
Sing a song.
Change a light bulb.
Clean a bathtub.
Clean a mirror.
Restack a woodpile.
Organize craft supplies.
Help can fruit.
Fix a screen window.
Sweep a floor.
Wash a sink full of dishes.
Help clean a car, either inside or out. Vacuum, dust, polish, or wax.
Fold laundry.
Straighten a room.
Pick up toys.
Quiet a fussy child.
Dust furniture in one room.
Clean out a barbecue grill.
Get a child ready for bed.
Move a heavy object (that needs moving)
Weed a garden.
Help fix a fence.
Unclog a toilet.
Clean a sink.
Help bake something.
Vacuum a couch.
Cut vegetables.
Disinfect doorhandles or lightswitches.
Organize spices.
Return grocery carts to store
Be back at the church on time
Someone in your groups shares an experience you had