Scripture Dodge Ball

Thanks to Jill Garrison for sharing this great idea!

I opened the activity by telling them the rules and that they only had to play it maybe 2 times and then they could play something else if they wanted. They BEGGED me to play more. I think they had 4-5 rounds and they loved it. They felt challenged to know their scriptures. For those that weren’t too good at it, I would show them some easy ones to learn, I also
let them do some articles of faith. They felt so good about themselves. I kept giving them praise as they would complete another scripture.. They went through A LOT of scriptures!!! I was impressed!!!

So if any of you are batting around this idea. don’t fret – I did remind the girls to come with a positive attitude on Sunday – but they did GREAT. I asked the kids – now this was a fun way to do a scripture activity right? They were like – YES it was fun! We enjoyed it!!

SO thanks for the idea – and it is easy to plan and do – I gave them Reeses peanut butter cups for every scripture they could recite.



Play dodge ball =-) we played with two balls

When you are hit – your out – you must run over and recite a scripture to get back in.

Also you’re out if your ball is caught or if you hit someone above the shoulders!

I gave the winning team all candies

Gave each youth a candy after they recited a scripture (if you have a large group this might be expensive)

Don’t let them us cop out scriptures

We focused on Scripture Mastery (at the request of our Stake)

That’s it!

I had scripture mastery cards and a set of scriptures.

I only had 10 youth there that night – but if I was going to do it for any more kids I would definitely have more than one set of the scripture mastery cards! =-)