Scripture Jeopardy Game Fireside
Scripture Jeopardy Game Fireside

Scripture Jeopardy Game Fireside


Scripture Jeopardy Game Fireside


I thought this might be useful to others. I adapted this powerpoint jeopardy template to be used as a Fireside. It went over quite well. To run it, you need powerpoint and a laptop connected to an LCD projector. I used powerpoint 2007 but I think it will run with the 1997-2003 version.

pptJeopardy Scriptures Corrected.ppt444.5 KB


Start the powerpoint presentation with the first slide for instructions. Advance thru the presentation until you get to the Jeopardy board with all the categories. Each team can pick a category and then a point value for the “answer”. For example “Book of Mormon for 10 points”. You click on 10 Points in the category Book of Mormon. That takes you to the answer. Click AWAY from the text of the answer, (after the team has formulated the question) and this will take you to the correct jeopardy question. Finally, click AWAY from the text of the question, and that will take you back to the jeopardy board for the next team to pick a category and point value.

Once most of the jeopardy “answers” in each category have been picked, you may go to final jeopardy by clicking on the column heading (any category heading at the top of the board). This takes you to “Choose a point value”. Teams choose the points they want to wager, and then you click on “click here for final jeopardy”. This link takes you into final jeopardy. Click anywhere “AWAY and OUTSIDE” of the text and this takes you to the final “answer”. The teams reveal write their “final questions” on the card they made their wager. Then click anywhere OUTSIDE and AWAY from the text of the final answer, and the link takes you to the correct “Final Answer”. This concludes the game.

Adapted by S. Promes and M Jones.



M. Jones

Scripture Jeopardy-update

Shared by D. Dennett

I was asked to use your Powerpoint for a youth activity. Being the computer geek that I am, I was playing around with the effects a bit to make it look more like the real game show. All the effects apply to the question selection screen. I made the point values appear with the sound effect, and disappear after clicked. I thought it was cool and make it easier to keep track of what has been answered