Stump the Bishop

Everyone brought an object and gave it to the Bishop. He then had to relate it to a gospel
message. The youth had to tell how they would relate it to the gospel if he got it wrong. We even kept score.  The Bishop had only two guesses to try and figure it out.  On the second guess he could have some help with other leaders in the room. A few of the youth commented on what a great activity it was and how they loved how everyone participated. Now we have 31 youth so if you have a bigger group it might take a little longer.  But we really tried to move it along fast. The whole fireside was 1 hour. Some of the stuff the youth came up with was fantastic. Some objects I will never look at the same again.

We gather things from around the house, such as:  a stapler, a knife, a tooth brush, a picture frame, etc.   We have more items than girls.  We display the items on a table and ask the girls to pick an item.  (we asked the girls to come with their scriptures).  We then ask the girls to find a scripture that relates to the object that they have picked.  We have
prepared a poster with various gospel principles such as repentance, faith, eternal families etc.  (I think I got a topic list out of a conference issue Ensign)  The girls then share what their item is and the scripture they found and how it relates to the scripture.  The stapler could be “what is bound on earth is bound in heaven” or “eternal families”.  It is always interesting what they come up with.  Then we invite the Bishop(ric) or Seminary teacher to come in.  We go around the circle again and the girls show the Bishop their item and the bishop has 10 seconds to come up with a gospel principle he can relate to the item.  If the bishop is unable to come up with a principle, the girl who “stumps the Bishop” gets a
cookie or something. The girl can then share what principle she thought of.  We have played this several times and the girls love it.  Hopefully this makes sense.
Teri – NM