The Amazing Race to Come Unto Christ
The Amazing Race to Come Unto Christ

The Amazing Race to Come Unto Christ


The Amazing Race to Come Unto Christam Rc


Here is the document for “The Amazing Race to Come Unto Christ 2014.”  Our youth just completed this activity and it was a HUGE success!  We used it as a combined activity to introduce the new 2014 Theme: “Come Unto Christ.” It is an activity that is organized, interactive, and (best part) takes little to no set up and supplies beforehand, once you have your packets together. Hopefully your youth will enjoy it as well.  

A few things to keep in mind:

– If you print out this .pdf, it will print off everything for your (4) packets EXCEPT the Family History Pedigree Charts.  You will have to copy enough of these for how many youth you think will be to the activity.
-If there are challenges that you would like to change, I have included a blank copy for you within the .pdf.
-When you are reading the instructions to everyone at the beginning, emphasis that they must read the portion at the top from The Strength of Youth booklet before they can go on to the challenge.  ALSO, remind the leaders to write down the scores after each challenge on the front of the packet so it is easy to total them up at the end.  
-You can compile your pictures however you would like.  We tried to put one IPhone on each team and had that person take the pictures/videos and immediately email them to our YM President. He then compiled video for us to watch as we ate our refreshments. 
-You can do anything you would like as your prize/trophy for the winning team.  We had fun size candy bars and a nice certificate that the winning team signed.  We have a frame for it so we can keep it at the church for us to use next year.  It says “For the Strength of Youth Amazing Race CHAMPIONS.”
-We did our activity from 7-8:10, then had a YW Leader speak from 8:10-8:20 about Coming to Christ using the new scripture and videos online. Then from 8:20-8:30 we announced the winner, had refreshments and watched the movie of the pictures.
I would love feedback on how it goes.  If you have any pictures/glitches/suggestions for new challenges, contact me at We are planning to do it again next year so I would love your input.  Good luck and most important HAVE FUN!

Here are some images if the packet
IMG 2963IMG 2964IMG 2965IMG 2966IMG 2967IMG 2968IMG 2969 preview