Joseph Smith Trivia Picture Game
Joseph Smith Trivia Picture Game

Joseph Smith Trivia Picture Game

These are pictures you print out, and then fold in half, and set on a table like a tent, and like the one you see below, each on has a question, people are to see if they know the answer, the answer is printed on the inside of the folded card, so when you print , you have to print the odd pages first then turn them over and print the even pages. I hope this makes since.

Joseph Smith Trivia Picture Game outsideJoseph Smith Trivia Picture Game inside

(in a tent form to put on tables at ward parties)

pdfjs triva pictures.pdf7.81 MB

At the last minute I changed my mind and printed all the pictures on 8 x 10 sheets of paper and hung them on the wall and put the info under them I wanted everyone to see all them, I also add a few more pictures then are in the file above. They were such a hit, that we after the party we hung them on the bulletin board in the hallway so people could look a them for a few weeks on Sunday.

triva game pictures triva game pictures answers

pdf church history pictures 8×10.pdf13.71 MB

pdfinfo and pictures on church history.pdf10.53 MB