“Tangled” family home evening
“Tangled” family home evening

“Tangled” family home evening

“Tangled” family home evening

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I must say….I am SO excited about this family home evening. It was very simple to plan and it will be simple and quick to execute as well. Plus my kids will love it because we are going to be watching part of the new Disney movie “Tangled”! Here’s a few things you need to make this family home evening work 🙂

I don’t know about you but I LOVED this movie! As I was watching it for the first time last week the story struck me as so profound. Let’s see if this sounds familiar: a beautiful young girl is born of royal birth. However, as she gets older she is told lie after lie to try and keep her from fulfilling her full potential. She struggles between believing these lies or going out on her own and finding out who she really is…only to learn she truly is the daughter of the King. HELLO!! I couldn’t keep the tears from coming as I thought about this beautiful message. We are ALL daughters and sons of a King, and once we are sent to this earth it is so easy to forget. Satan is everywhere around us, trying to deceive us, tear us down, and doubt our divinity at every turn. By listening to these lies we become trapped, and it is only when we realize these lies for what they are that we can fulfill our true missions on earth and rediscover our divine heritage.
What a powerful message to teach our children!! We are going to start off the night by watching the scene in the movie where Rapunzel asks her “mother” if she can go out into the world. The “mother” then goes on to fill her with doubts and tells her lie after lie to keep her from leaving her and finding out the truth.
After we watch that clip we are going to relate the story of Rapunzel to our story. We are going to talk about how we are daughter’s of our Heavenly Father, a King, and how Satan will do everything in his power to lie, deceive and scare us to keep us from reaching our divine potential.
Now for the fun activity. I thought this would be a great activity for the kids to try and distinguish the lies that Satan would have us believe, and the truths we can receive from a loving Heavenly Father. Remember that yellow yarn you needed?? Here’s why! 🙂
The yellow yarn is of course representing Rapunzel’s hair 🙂 I am going to take that yellow yarn and have my husband string it ALL through the house. The catch is every few feet the yarn will break off into two pieces going in different directions. Attached to the yarn will be something Heavenly Father wants us to know and something Satan would have us believe. Whichever one is the truth from Heavenly Father will lead to other questions whereas the lie from Satan will lead to a dead end. We will have these crossroads in the yarn several times throughout the house and finally they yarn will end in my bedroom tied to my bed. On my bed I will have the crowns for all the kids with signs that say both “Daughter of a King” and “Son of a King.” The moral is if we listen to our Father in Heaven we CAN reach and find our full potential, as daughters and sons of a King.

These are just little signs I made up for the kids that I will print out and have sitting next to their crowns.

I hope you all have a wonderful week and enjoy this family home evening…I can’t wait! 🙂

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