We had our activity last night, and it turned out great. Let me give you a run-down on everything.

Food – We did appetizers and desserts. All finger-food as we only had napkins out for use. I of course left mine in the fridge (put there to keep it cold while I set-up), so I came home with most of mine. (Grin!) I believe there was enough, since I never got a opportunity to go back there I can’t say for sure.

Kids – We had the nursery set up for the younger kids. There was an area to play, a table set up with coloring pages and crayons and a TV set up with a movie. I believe this also went well. I put someone else in charge of making sure there were adults rotated in to help watch the kids. I was trying to alleviate the problem of kids running the halls.

Now to the games! When people came in we had a place where they could drop their names in the bucket of each game they wanted to play. We started exactly at seven so we could keep on schedule.

Win, Lose or Draw – We played this for fifteen minutes while the stragglers came in. We would draw the name of the person to draw and whoever guessed it correctly won a pencil. Here is a list of the items we had to draw.

I Love to See the Temple
David & Goliath
Popcorn Popping on the Apricot Tree
Seagulls and the Crickets
Daniel and the Lions Den
Families Can Be Together Forever
Captain Moroni
Scripture Study
Food Storage
Family Home Evening
The Last Supper
Golden Plates
Samuel the Lamanite
Three Degrees of Glory
Tower of Babel
Noah’s Ark
Book of Mormon Stories
I Hope They Call Me On A Mission
Jonah and the Whale
Garden of Eden
2000 Stripling Warriors
Wise Man and the
Foolish Man
Tree of Life

I did all the cards on “word” in a template, so they all came out the same size. I then printed the name of the game on the back and laminated them. This way, I can use the game again for Family Home Evening or whatever.

Name That Hymn – I also did these cards the same way. This was a harder game and it didn’t turn out as well as I would have liked. I’m going to rethink it and see if I can make it easier. It was the least popular game of the evening. If I can think of a way to make it better, I will let you know. The prizes we had were whistle pops for all the three who didn’t win and a giant symphony bar for the winner.

The Price is Right – We had purchased five items for this game. We called up four people for each one. The I read a “bit” I had written for that item (usually funny) and each of the four wrote on an index card what they thought the price was. A couple times they all over bid and had to try again. The winner got the item and the other contestants got two gold coins (chocolate ones). The audience had a great time calling out prices. We did two the between the first two games, and three between the last two. Our items were:
A Stand-Up Dishwasher – The kind you put dishwashing liquid into.
A Travel Manicure Set
A Box of Puffs Plus
A Kitchen Hand Towel – This was a fall-themed one.
A Golden Basket – A Christmas decoration item.

The Eternally Wed Show – We had four couples (one was the bishop and his wife). We asked the men three 5-point questions, the women were asked three 10-point questions and the 25-point bonus question. The audience really enjoyed this game. We had people to help write the answers that were given so that they could be shown like on the real show. The contestants were give gum and the winners (not our bishop by the way) were given a bag with “hugs and kisses”. For questions click here

Family Feud – The big hit of the night. We played just like the TV show. We called up five people for each team and I had someone writing the answers on the chalk board. Easier and quicker then trying to do paper strips. We also had some younger kids come up and hold up the “strikes”. Big X’s on pieces of paper. We did three questions, first two regular points and the third double. Then the winning team play the bonus round with five questions of course. The team that didn’t make the bonus round got whistle pops and the winning team got a bag of candy with “hugs and kisses” and “treasures”. We actually played two rounds of this. As for the questions, I’m still working on them and will post them at a later date. For questions click here, these questions are from a different source, not from the person who sent in this idea!

Let’s Make a Deal – This was hysterically funny. We play this a couple times during and then after when we had about ten minutes left. We would ask for an item, and the first person to find it would wind “100,000 dollar bar”. We bought the mini ones. For list of items we choose from (we didn’t use them all), click here

Any other questions—just let me know. —Melissa



This sounds FUN! I actually started a Family Feud survey in my ward and was only able to collect about 45 surveys (my questions weren’t as creative as yours). I can’t wait to see your actual results.

Anyway – I’m interested in the logistics of your party. Were multiple games going on at the same time? Or was it one at a time? If it was one at a time, how long was your evening(it seems like you had quite a bit of activities going on)? How long was each activity? Could one person participate in more than one game? How did the kids do(the ones too old for the nursery)? Did the kids participate or just watch?


Okay, for the answers:

No, there were not multiple games going on at the same time. We started at 7:00 and we did each one individually (sp?) and actually played Family Feud twice. The evening got over exactly at 9:00. I don’t really know how long each one lasted it just worked out perfectly. As for the kids, we let (or their parents) decide if they were going in the kids room or if they stayed in the gym. Yes, they were allowed to sign up and we had kids as young as 10 playing. We did have some people play more than one game, but if I could do it again, I would try to make it so everyone got a chance before doing repeats. It would be a little harder to figure out, but I think it could be done. I had everything typed up. All the question were on cards, and for Name That Hymn and Family Feud, I had sheets typed up for all the people who needed them. For example, on Name That Hymn I had the Hymn #’s in order we were using them and the actual lyric that was to be sung already typed up. I also had a Hymn Book marked at ten notes. That way on bid a note it was easier for the pianist to find where to play to. For Family Feud, the questions we were using were typed up with the top 5 answers printed, or top 6, whatever we used on that question. Then I had someone write them on the chalkboard as they were said. For the bonus questions, they were typed up with all the possible answers that had points. The chalkboard person also had a copy so to make it easier. I hope this explains it, if not just ask again and I will try to explain it better. Maybe Santa will bring me a scanner for Christmas and that would make my life a lot easier, I could just post my papers. It was a lot of fun! —Melissa


I’m glad your activity was a success. I am the one who originally posted this idea. The way we did Name That Tune was I picked 5 names out the bowl to be the contestants. The first round I sang songs minus the title. The top 3 winners after 10 songs stayed on for round 2. Round two I had clues about the hymns like a line from the song, who wrote the song, the message of the song, etc. Then they bid on how many notes they thought they could hear and still know the song, if the person who won the bid didn’t know the song then I played the song for the other person until they guessed it. The final round was the winner of that group against me. We played a round like the board game Encore. I let the audience pick the word and then we had a sing off. The word was ‘work’ and we had to sing 8 words of a church song that included ‘work’ in those 8 words.

I didn’t want to do Name that Hymn – I wanted to do a To Tell the Truth game but my chairperson and the other committee member thought the people would like Name That Hymn. I think if I could have done it over I would have personally picked the contestants for it. But the people that were randomly picked did a pretty good job and they were very competitive. The grand prize for Name that Hymn was a jar full of Hershey Kisses because the final round was called “Win Amy’s Kisses” (kind of like “win Ben Stein’s Money”) if they knew more songs than me than they could win my kisses. I used hymns and primary songs in our game. —Amy


Wow! That sounds like a great activity. I hope you don’t mind, I am printing out your summation and will suggest something similar for our calendar next year. We have to plan it next week.

I do have a few questions. What exactly were the problems with the Name that Hymn? Was it just that they didn’t know the hymns you chose? Do you think primary songs would work better? I’ll bet the primary children could do the primary songs from the current year even better than the adults could do hymns.

I’m a little confused on how the “Lets Make a Deal” worked. What do you mean you asked them to “find” an item. Was it the door # 1,2,3 thing? Did they get to trade for another door if they didn’t like th first? I would like to see your list of what you used, just to get the idea.

I’ve done the “Eternally Wed” thing before, but would be interested in seeing what questions you used. “What color is your wife’s toothbrush” is getting a little old. I think we need new blood. :o)

The problems with Name That Tune were pretty much what you suggested. The first round was having someone sing a line from a hymn and having the contestants write the title on a index card. We had four contestants. I didn’t think it was that hard, but I guess I over estimated what people knew. I am a musical person and well, I should have realized that people weren*t as musical as I am. We did have one contestant who could do it but I think it made the other feel stupid. This of course was no what was intended. The second round was the bid-a-note. The scripture reference was read for a clue and then the “I can name that hymn in three notes”. Anyway, that was the problem. I do like the idea of primary songs and will have to think on it. Hope you can make it work better.

As for Let’s Make a Deal, it was the end part of the show. When Monty Hall says, I’ll give you a hundred dollars if you can find Lip Stick in your purse or some such thing. Here was our list, you can of course add or delete to your liking.

Picture of Self
Picture of Family
Who has the most Pens
Who has the most Pencils
Most Credit Cards (We had someone with over 15)
Medical Card
Most Business Cards (We had someone with over 30)
Phone Number on Scratch Paper
Pictures of Kids
Lip Stick
Hand Lotion
Deposit Slips
Selective Service Card
Tithing Slip
Penny, Nickel, Dime & Quarter
$100 Dollar Bill
$50 Dollar Bill
Baby Rattle
Nail Clippers
Unfilled Prescription
Leatherman Tool
Most Keys
Old Check Book
Temple Recommend
Safeway Card
Pass Along Card
Salt & Pepper
Dental Floss
Chap Stick
20, 10, 5 & 1 Dollar Bills
Old & New Quarter

First to provide the item won the candy bar.

Here are the Eternally Wed Questions we used. Several have been printed on this list before, so thank you to the
people I got them from.

1 – What is your spouse’s favorite scripture story?
2 – Would you describe your spouses family more like the … Cleavers, Simpsons, Adams Family?
3 – If your spouse could be a superhero, who would it be?
4 – Where did you and your spouse go on your first date?
5 – What flower would your husband say best describes you? Morning Glory, Day Lilly, Evening Primrose
6 – Who is your spouse’s best friend?
7 – Does your spouse most ofter sleep on his/her … Back, Side, Stomach?
8 – What color is your spouse’s toothbrush?
9 – Which cartoon character best describes your father-in-law? Wile E. Coyote, Yosemite Sam, Fred Flinstone, Homer Simpson
10 – What item could your spouse not pass up if it were on sale?
11 – When faced with a roadblock in life, you … Pass Through It, Go Around It, Go The Other Way?
12 – What is your spouse’s favorite dessert?
13 – Does your spouse snore?
14 – What would your husband say is your favorite kitchen appliance?
15- Of the following, which aggravates your wife the most? Toilet seat being up, Your clothes left all over the floor, Cap left off the toothpaste, Wet towels on the bed or floor
16 – What is your spouse’s favorite sport?
17 – Where is your spouse’s dream vacation spot?
18 – When your wife wakes up in the morning, which bear would describe her best? Grizzly, Polar, Teddy
19 – If you were on the TV show Survivor, what would your one luxury item be?
20 – What was your spouse’s childhood nickname?
21 – If you could make one request of your husband, what would it be? Spend more time with the kids, Spend more time with you, Help do more around the house, Be more romantic.
22 – What best describes your wife’s bedroom closet? Very Organized, Creative, A Disaster
23 – Who is cleaner, you or your spouse?
24 – What is your wife’s favorite restaurant?
25 – What is your spouse’s dream car?
26 – If a movie were made about your life, which actor/actress would best play you?
27 – If you could describe your husband as a fruit, what fruit would it be?
28 – What is your spouse’s favorite song?
29 – What was the most unusual thing that happened on your honeymoon?
30 – Which spouse is the clumsiest?
31 – What is your spouse’s favorite book?
32 – What is your spouse’s favorite food?
33 – What would be your wife’s ideal vacation? A tropical paradise, A woodland retreat, The Holy Land, A European Vacation
34 – What word best describes your husband’s personality? Spontaneous, Predictable, Decisive
35 – If your spouse won tickets to any concert, whom would he/she go see?
36 – What is your spouse’s favorite band?
37 – What are the ages of your children?
38 – Which spouse is more forgetful?
39 – What is your wife’s favorite flower?
40 – What ethnic food does your spouse like best?
41 – What gift would your wife like to receive the most? Clothing, Something for the house, Something romantic, Jewelry

42 – If you and your husband were among the wandering Israelites in the desert, what would your husband complain about most? The foods, The crowd, The heat.
43 – If your wife could change one thing about you, what would it be?
44 – If you and your wife were on Noah’s Ark, after forty days, what is the main thing your wife would complain about? The smell, The mess, The weather.
45 – What is the name of your spouse*s favorite cologne/perfume?
46 – What is the name of the hotel you stayed in on your honeymoon?
47 – Which one of the Seven Dwarves best describes your wife in the morning?
48 – Who received the last traffic ticket, you or your spouse?
49 – What is your spouse’s favorite movie?
50 – Does your spouse like the toilet paper over or under?
51 – Finish this sentence. If I was Prince Charming and she was Cinderella, I would know exactly what size the glass slipper would be. It would be a size _____.
52 – If your wife had one thing she could change about herself, what would it be?
53 – What is your spouse’s least favorite chore around the house?
54 – What meal would your wife most likely cook for guests?
55 – Would you say your wife is … Always ready on time, Mostly ready on time, Mostly Late, Always Late.
56 – Who washes more dishes? Him, Her, 50/50
57 – What is your wife’s favorite store to shop in?
58 – What is your spouse’s favorite color?
59 – What first attracted you to your spouse?
60 – What is your wife’s favorite hobby?

Hope this helps! Happy activity planning! —Melissa


I found my schedule for the games and thought it might help some of you. Here goes:

1 – Win, Lose or Draw – We played this from 7:00 to 7:15 exactly. This was mostly for something to do as the Mormon Standard Time people arrived.

Set-up – Front of Stage
Chalk & Eraser
Prizes – Pencils

Name That Hymn – This game was already set up behind the first so when we moved the chalkboard, we were ready to go.

Set-up – On Stage
Table (for contestants to stand at)
Podium (for M.C.)
Index Cards (to write answers on)
Pencils (to write with)
Prizes – Whistle Pops for Participants
Giant Symphony Candy Bar for winner
People – Singer for Round One
Piano Player for Both Rounds
Score Keeper (we didn’t really need one, but if it goes better for you, you might)

The Price is Right – We played two of our five rounds of this between Hymn and Eternally Wed. This was to distract the audience while we were setting up the next game.

Set-up – Front of Stage
Index Cards (to write prices on)
Pencils (to write with)
Prizes – Two gold coins for those who didn’t win the bid
Stand-up Hand Dishwasher (the ones you put dish soap into) I wrote cute “bits” to be read as an introduction.
Travel Manicure Set
Puffs Plus Lotion
Embroidered Hand Towel
Golden Wire Basket
People – Someone to hold up the item while it was being introduced

The Eternally Wed Game – We had eight chairs set up on the stage behind the table for the first game. All we had to do was take down the table and set up the chairs. Four on each side at an angel.

Set – up – On Stage
Eight Chairs
Podium (This is for the person with the questions)
White Tag Board (to write the answers on)
Black Sharpie (I would have four)
Prizes – Contestants got “Extra” Gum
Winner got a huge bag of Hershey’s Hugs and Kisses
People – Someone to watch the “Isolation Chamber”
Four people to write down the answers the contestants give.
One person for each couple, it goes faster.

The Price is Right – See Above

Family Feud – The extra tables for this were already set up and to the side. They just needed to be moved in to start.

Set-up – In Front of Stage
Three tables (two long, one short)
Buzzer Board (this is harder to explain. if you watch the TV game show, when the two go up to “hit” the board to try to answer first, we had one of them made. if both contestants hit it really close together, the first person’s light stays on. it is easier to see who hit it first. I do have a digital camera and will have my husband post a picture of it so you can see what I mean)
Chalk Board
Chalk & Eraser
Prizes – Whistle Pops for Participants (they were cheap, after Halloween sale.
Winners each got a bag with “hugs and kisses” and “treasures”
People – Game Board Person
Kids to hold up the strikes

I didn’t ask anyone before hand to volunteer. I asked for volunteers on the spot.

Let’s Make a Deal – We played this in between with the Price is Right and at the end when we had ten minutes left.

Set-up – Front of Stage
Prizes – 100,000 Dollar Bars (small ones)
Items – See the list I already posted

Food – Two Tables

Kids – TV
Color Pages
Nursery Toys

Family Feud Questions: these questions came from a different source not from the person who sent in this idea!

A. Name something forbidden by the Ten Commandments.

1. Murder 31 5. Coveting 8

2. Theft 26 6. Lying 5

3. Adultery 17 7. Violating the Sabbath 3

4. Idol worship 10

B. Name a scriptural character that exhibited great humility.

1. Christ 26 5. Enos 8

2. Job 24 6. Moses 8

3. King Benjamin 13 7. Daniel 6

4. Abraham 10 8. Alma 5

C. Name an early Mormon settlement.

1. Nauvoo 46 2. Kirtland 22 3. Winter Quarters 11

4. Far West 8 5. Saint George 6 6. Salt lake City 4

7.Council Bluffs 3

D. What Church calling requires musical talent?

1. Organist 49

2. Chorister 27

3. Pianist 13

4. Choir director 11

E. Name something associated with the prophet Heber J. Grant.

1. Established welfare program 20 5. Businessman 12

2. President of the Church 17 6. Beard 9

3. Perseverance/persistence 15 7. Handwriting 8

4. Temples 13 8. Church finances 6


“Chapel” was the number one answer to the question “Name an area of the ward-meeting house.”

Tthe number two answer

Cultural hall

A. Give another name for the Savior.

1. Christ 29

2. Redeemer 20

3. Jehovah 14

4. Jesus 13

5. Lord 8

6. Prince of Peace 7

7. Messiah 5

8. The Lamb 4

B. Name something Latter-day Saints do regularly.

1. Pray 33 5. Eat 8

2. Attend Church meetings 18 6. Sing 7

3. Read scriptures 13 7. Pay tithing 5

4. Hold Family Home Evening 12 8. Have children 4

C. Name someone delivered from death by divine intervention.

1. Lazarus 28

2. Daniel 25

3. Daughter of Jairus 14

4. Enoch 9

5. Jonah 8

6. Joseph Smith, Jr. 7

7. Isaac 5

8. Sons of Helaman 4

D. Name something that ruins a garden.

1. Insects 35

2. Weeds 29

3. Drought 18

4. Worms 11

5. Slugs/snails 4

6. Flood 3

E. What meetings do Latter-day Saints attend other than sacrament service?

1. Sunday School 32 5. Stake conference 8

2. Priesthood 20 6. Primary 7

3. Relief Society 17 7. Young Women 4

4. Stake leadership 12


Eighty-two percent of those surveyed said “tithing” when asked to name something associated with

the prophet Lorenzo Snow. What was the second most frequently given answer?

A. Identify a body of water mentioned in the scriptures.

1. Sea of Galilee 31 5. River Jordan 7

2. Red Sea 27

3. Dead Sea 26

4. Waters of Mormon 9

C. Identify a significant dream from the scriptures.

1. Lehi’s dream 40 5. Nebuchadnezzar’s dream 11

2. Pharaoh*s dream 19 6. Joseph’s (Warning to go to Egypt) 5

3. Joseph’s dream (Twelve tribes) 13

4. Jacob’s Ladder 12

D. Other than Cain and Abel. Name a pair of people from the scriptures.

1. Adam and Eve 25 5. Ruth and Naomi 10

2. Mary and Joseph 21 6. Jacob and Esau 6

3. Laman and Lemuel 19 7. David and Goliath 5

4. Samson and Delilah 14

E. Name a minor Old Testament prophet.

1. Amos 29
2. Micah 18
3. Haggai 15
4. Hosea 14

5. Joel 9

6. Jonah 6

7. Obadiah 5

8. Malachi 4


Give the number one answer to the question “Name a judge of Ancient Israel.*


A. Name an animal mentioned in the Bible.

1. Donkey/ass 27

2. Lion 18

3. Sheep/Lamb 17

4. Serpent 12

5. Dove 9

6. Ox 7

7. Horse 5

8. Calf 5

B. What is the subject of one of the Articles of Faith?

1. First principles of the Gospel 28 5. Gathering of Israel 10

2. Godhead 21 6. Laws of the land 7

3. Scriptures 15 7. Authority 5

4. Accountability for sin 14

C. Name an occasion, which brings families together.

1. Family Home Evening 24 2. Reunion 22

3. Funeral 20

4. Holiday 13

5. Wedding/Sealing 10

6. Birthday 7

7. Meal 4

D. What makes a Primary President happy?

1. Reverent children 32

2. Good attendance 26

3. Dedicated teachers 18

4. Happy children 13

5. All positions filled 7

6. Obedient children 4

E. Name a book an LDS friend might borrow from you.

1. “Mormon Doctrine” 28 5. “A Marvelous Work and A Wonder” 13

2. “Book of Mormon” 25 6. Cookbook 4

3. “Miracle of Forgiveness” 16

4. “Jesus the Christ” 14


The number one answer to the question “What is a favorite father-son outing activity?” was “camping:’ what was the number two answer?


A. Name a vegetable served raw at Church functions.

1. Carrots 38 2. Celery 26 3. Lettuce 14

4. Tomato 12 5. Broccoli 7 6. Squash 3

B. Name an apostle who served during Christ’s mortal ministry.

1. Peter 49 2. John 29

3. James 16 4. Matthew 6

C. Name something you find in a seminary class.

1. Scriptures 42

2. Students 27

3. Teacher 12

4. Books 9

5. Manuals 6

6. Marking pencils 4

D. What kind of sandwiches is served at Church activities?

1. Tuna 31

2. Chicken salad 24

3. Peanut butter and jelly 15

4. Ham 12

5. Egg salad 10

6. Chicken 5

7. Bologna 3

E. Name someone who attends Ward Council Meeting.

1. Relief Society president 26 5. Young Women’s president 11

2. Elders’ Quorum president 19 6. Sunday School president 8

3. Bishop 17 7. Ward mission leader 3

4. Primary president 16


The question, “Name an office in the Aaronic Priesthood,” had four responses, what was the number four answer?


A. How do Latter-day Saint parents discipline their children?

1. With love/kindness 36 5. Make them sit in chair/corner 8

2. Spank 20 6. Withhold privileges 6

3. Talk to them 16 7. Very little 5

4. Send to room 9

B. Name one of the writers of the Pearl of Great Price.

1. Moses 44

2. Abraham 36

3. Joseph Smith, Jr. 20

C. Name something associated with the prophet Brigham Young.

1. Polygamy 31

2. “This is the place.” /monument 16

3. Pioneer trek to Salt lake Valley 14

4. Brigham Young University 11

5. Salt lake City 10

6. Colonization of the West 9

7. Many Children 6

8. Lion House 3

D. What is something a high councilor carries in his briefcase?

1. Scriptures 37 5. Membership roster 8

2. Calendar 28 6. lunch 5

3. Reports 12

4. Pen/Pencil/Paper 10

E. Name something associated with Temple Square.

1. Temple 27 5. General Conference 8

2. Tabernacle 25 6. Tabernacle Choir 6

3. Visitor’s Center 15 7. Flowers 5

4. Seagull Monument 14 8. Missionaries 4


Give the number one answer to the question “What is something a bishop’s wife never wears:’

Bikini/Two-piece bathing suit

A. What it your favorite Bible story?

1. Birth of the Savior 27

2. David and Goliath 19 .

3. Ruth and Naomi 14

4. Noah and the Ark 11

5. Joseph in Egypt 8

6. The Good Samaritan 8

7. Abraham and Isaac 7

8. Jonah and the Whale 6

B. Name meat, which is sometimes canned.

1. Chicken 30

2. Beef 22

3. Ham 17

4. Fish 12

5. Tuna 9

6. Deer /Venison 6

7. Pork 4

C. Other than Jerusalem name a city in Palestine.

1. Bethlehem 47

2. Nazareth 34

3. Bethel 12

4. Jericho 7

D. Name one of the lost tribes of Israel.

1. Dan 28

2. Benjamin 23 .

3. Reuben 20

4. Gad 12

5. Asher 9

6. Naphtali 8

E. What do boy scouts cook?

1. Hot dogs 29

2. Hamburgers 23

3. Stew 17

4. Pancakes 15

5. Fish 8

6. Soup 4

7. Hobo dinners 4


“Crying children” was the number one response to the question. “Identify something that is distracting in sacrament service:’ What was the number two answer?

People talking/whispering

A. What do children like about Primary?

1. Singing 48

2. Being together 22

3. The lesson 14

4. Stories 10

5. Sharing time 6

B. Where can you see a picture of the Savior?

1. Temple 32 2. Church 19

3. Bishop’s office 14

4. Visitor’s Center 10

5. Bible 10

6. Library 8

7. Home 7

C. Name a brother of Nephi.

1. Sam 45

2. Laman 36

3. Jacob 12

4. Lemuel 7

D. Name someone present at the organization of the Church.

1. Joseph Smith, Jr. 43 5. Peter Whitmer, Jr. 7

2. Oliver Cowdery 21 6. Samuel H. Smith 5

3. Hyrum Smith 15

4. David Whitmer 9

E. What does a young man do to prepare for a mission?

1. Saves money/works 31 5. Prays 6

2. Studies scriptures 27

3. Takes seminary 25

4. Obeys the commandments 11


The number one answer to the question “Name a song sung in sacrament service which is not found in the hymn book,” was “I Am A Child of God:’ What was the number two answer?

“The Lord’s Prayer”