My Hands Can Be Reverent
My Hands Can Be Reverent

My Hands Can Be Reverent

My Hands Can Be Reverentrevere2

To help show your love to Heavenly Father and Jesus, you should be reverent in church. What you do with your hands is an important part of reverence. The pictures show you what your hands should be doing in church.
Your hands should be still when it’s time to listen.
Your hands should be folded when it’s time for prayer.
Your right hand should carefully take the Sacrament.
Your hand should be raised when you have something to say.
Your hand should be folded when you walk quietly down the halls.
Your hand should quietly open and close doors.

Print out this file of pictures. As you read the information you show the picture that goes along with each numbered part. The last page in this file is the text part of this talk.

I know that it looks a little fuzzy, but from far away, as the kids would see it, it looks fine.


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