Handmade Soap
Handmade Soap

Handmade Soap

Our Ward members have been making and using this soap successfully for some time now. I like the small storage space needed, the natural scent, how soft the clothes come out, even without fabric softener, members of family with commercial detergent sensitivities don’t rash or itch, and it is so, so cheap….
We have the best municipal water in the country in upstate NY. I do not know how the Utah hard water will work with this, although we have a few members in outlying areas who have hard water and they report great success.

A couple of folks with well-water, who have some interesting mineral content, report some bleach blotches in dark clothes. We are researching this now.

Personally, I add oils like GSE, CLove oil, and other essential oils for a special touch and like to use the easy dispenising large containers from commercial detergent I used to use.

One of its strengths, according to our Temple President’s daughter, is its ability to absolutely clean clothes, which have been vomited on (she has a child with a congernital issue and has to wash a couple of times a day….poor dear, what a challenge..).

Our large grocery chain, Wegmans, carries these products for us. As I am acting chair person of EPAC, I have been able to get them to place these 3 ingredients together on the same shelf in the laundry section.

We are typically paying 1.08 for the bar soap and 2.79 for borax, and 2.88 for the washing soda.

I also make my own Fels naptha soap as I am a soap maker.

The area of sanitation in preparedness is certainly a challenging area. We look at the lifestyle of the members in this. Some are into the whole foods/CAM medicine movement and want specific ingredients and some don’t care as long as it is cheap and gets the job done.

I try to give directions for both groups.

This very old and common recipe seems to satisfy both groups.

My cousin, a reknown orthodontist and oral surgeon has put together an evacuation dental kit and a sheltering-in more comprehensive kit.
I will also send this to you..it is really neat…

I was a volunteer through EMS in our area to help with the Katrina disaster. I cannot tell you how many dental emergencies happened. One fellow who is, with me, a senior EMS supervisor, was laid low when we needed him most, due to losing a filling (and abscess). He tried biting down on wet gauze, salt water solutions, clove oil to deaden the pain, and so on. By the time I got to him he was hurting pretty bad. My kit, thanks to my cousin Chuck, had dental clay and some other tools. THis got our main “man” back on the job.

OUr Ward and Stake are working on achieving optimal dental health. We have come across some ideas from credible dentists, which are remarkable. I will pass these on when I get a chance….If even one member is helped, it will be worth it.

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