Formatting Mormonad’s or other image from the internet to print

The biggest thing you need is to save the image in a highest quality you can get it needs to be at least 690×460 pixels, for a 4×6 (that is why I don’t have all of the older images) otherwise it will print blurry.
It can be a longer process…… what I have to do,

  • usually is open the PDF file (ex a Mormonad) (the image shown on the church site is usually to small)
  • then “print the image to a image” it is a software I have,
  • then save the image,
  • OR take a “snap shot” (found in “view” on the tool bar of the PDF file which you opened),
  • then paste that image info something like “paint” (on windows not sure what it would be on a MAC) then save the image.

**I tell you to save the image so if something happens you still have it.

Once you have saved the image one of the 2 ways I mentioned above, you need to open the image in a Photo editing software, a EASY free one is called Photoscape, then you have to add a border to it (for Mormonads I had to make the border lareg on the top and bottom to size right, I just had to play around with it), there can be 2 reasons for this is, when you crop it to a 4 x 6 it can make the quality to small, and or it could cut off part of the image you want to keep. So I add a border around it, then I crop it to a 4×6 size. (they have an option in Phtoscape of the size you want it cropped to)

Then save it again and its done!

Again biggest thing make sure it is sized to at LEAST at 690×460 pixels, for a 4×6 photo card


Like I said from the begining this can be a long processes, depending one how you want it to look……….